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Jan 21, 2020
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Hello Wardens,

We’re back with another update this week with more investigation into reported issues, fixes and improvements. They’ll be more next week too but we wanted to get the latest out to you. In addition to fixes, last week we rolled out a new Island Expansion feature, which has been improved further. When playing with an island and expanding the land, the islands generated in the water are more varied, and players now have the option to generate these islands, or just water, if they wish.

Prison Architect 02_07_2020 11_40_30 (1).png

Prison Architect 02_07_2020 11_40_52.png

We’re also working on a tool for you to quickly generate random islands in the location of your choice.

Thank you for all your feedback.
The Prison Architect Team

  • New feature: When expanding a Island map, a pop-up will give the choice to have only water or generated Islands.
  • Staff will again respond to player directions now.
  • Solved issue with Forestry Prisoner Labour assignments not being saved.
  • Fixed so you can assign a cell to a prisoner by selecting the prisoner and right-clicking on an empty cell.
  • Fixed the Spiritual guidance and Parole programs not occurring after the first day of implementation.
  • Fixed the issue with the eating animations.
  • Fixed that the Health Bureaucracy text mentions guards instead of Doctors.
  • Fixed the issue with janitors using the ironing boards from a distance.
  • The Chefs now cooks more meals in the kitchen. (We are still investigating the supply issue).
  • Solved the issue with Firefighter’s truck riding on the water after dismissing a helicopter on Island Plot map.
  • Fixed the issue with Capacitor and Power Switch not conducting electricity after changing their rotation without moving them.
  • Fixed the issue with missing french localization strings.
  • Solved the issue where warden can go beyond the map in Warden mode.
  • Improving the generated islands when expanding the map to look more natural and varied. (We will improve this even further in the coming week)
  • Solved the issue with Sedation sometimes didn't work.
  • The Laundry and Janitor cleaning jobs have been changed to make them more effective.

We are also investigating the following issues as a priority for next week’s update
  • New Feature [In Progress] - Island ‘Quick Builds’ to stamp down various island shapes in open water.
  • New Feature [In Progress] - “Island generator”, similar to a building construction that will generate an island where you want it to.
  • Improvements - Some jobs are being reworked to improve their efficiency and general stability of the game.
  • Performance - A round of optimisation and performance testing.
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Jan 9, 2019
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I haven't tested this patch yet but from what other people reported - food ingredients not being delivered is an serious issue that should be fixed asap.
Some people said that the fix for it is to enable cheats, spawn in some boxes with food and disable the cheats. Deliveries should start working normally after that.

Anyways, keep up the good work!


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Oct 3, 2017
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Thanks for the fixes.
Could you please investigate the cloning issue next?
When I clone buildings i seem to pay twice for furniture, and playing without cloning is really exhausting.