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Dr Rare

Mar 7, 2005
******New Hoi1 TGW 1.1 Mini Mod v.3 HDP!!!!!******

NEW TGW 1.1 Mini-mod v.3 Released 16/December/2007 Download from this post

New erhpdm TGW 1.1 files Mod-HDP moddir

This is to be used with the Hoi1 TGW 1.1 mod.

****To use this Mini-mod you must already have the Hoi1 TGW 1.1mod installed on your system.****

This is a separate add on mod to the TGW 1.1(The Great War)Hoi1 mod.It works the same way CORE does with Hoi1 only is installed to your current TGW install instead.

Install instructions are very simple and included in the .rar file.

This is a complete New Mini-mod release it only takes minutes to add to your existing TGW 1.1 install and does not affect your old install in anyway.

Remember you have to already have the Hoi1 TGW 1.1 mod installed on your system to use the Mini-mod.The Mini-mod works with TGW 1.1 like CORE works with Hoi1 Vanilla.

This release is the complete Mini-mod v.3 you do not need to have the Mini-mod v.1 or v.2 to use this.

The Mini-mod v.3 will not overwrite your old mini-mod install as it comes in a folder named Mod-HDP not Mod-Test like the first versions.So you can finish your old mini-mod save games.You can delete your old Mini-mod manually if you want to save space and get on with the new version.

These new files include many New Historical Events and tweaks to the January,August and November 1914 scenarios.They add new historical tweaks events,leaders,ministers to many minors and majors in TGW which were lacking in the original mod.

This is a NEW separate running add on mod which has its own save game space,thus not effecting anyones old TGW install or save games.And great for everyone to play test the new changes to the files.

Well the New mini-mod v.3 HDP is here!!(Completely overhauled and upgraded)Yet another fantastic set of new additions to the already fabulous TGW(The Great War)WW1 Hoi1 mod.

It includes all the Popular tweaks,changes and new additions and events of the Mini-Mod v.1 and v.2 plus much much more added to them and new.

New v.3 Tweaks and changes and additions to scenarios and events include

**********TGW 1.1 Mini-Mod v.3 ************

All the Extras of the previous mini-mods plus......
NEW for v.3

The whole TGW November Scenario added and all its .inc files changed to match the all previous mini-mod tweaks.

+New Historical Events and Tweaks for....


New events include occupation of Konigsberg events with dissent hit for Germany.
Monroe doctrine events to stop South America being annexed and attacked without USA intervening this was a much needed fix!
Spanish and French Riff revolt Atlas mountain events.
Refugees into Sinkiang event and Mongolian and Sinkiang(Northern warlords)events for joining alliances if attacked.
Siam sides with the Entente if USA has done so.(Historical)Siam sides with the central powers(A Historical)
New Historical territorial claims for Siam
New leaders Siam
New ministers Siam and Bulgaria
New Siam Naval OOB
FIX All the missing Japanese TGW 1.1 leader pics added and lots of New Jap leaders there were far to few in the original TGW 1.1 mod to enjoy playing as Japan.
New Added pics and leaders for Estonia,Latvia and Finland
More New Persia leaders
New Persia OOB
New Denmark leaders and ministers
New Leaders Nepal, Haiti,Guatemala,Yemen(Not in original TGW at all)
Tweaks for Sweden,Denmark,Norway,Belgium,Greece,Rumania,Bhutan,Nepal,Haiti,Guatemala,Abyssinia,Yemen
New Historical Coastal forts added for Baltic,Scandinavia and many other countries
More Supplies for Sanusia
New Revolter's
New Flags and shields

New GFX flags and shields added.These are all improvements,except the addition of the Royal Naval Ensign for the British flag but if you want to keep using the original British union jack flag just remove the ensign from the Mod-HDP shields folder.What do you think?

New WW1 Japanese,Italian and Improved German and English infantry sprites

A brand new HDP(mini mod) Icon for people to add to their desktop.For starting their mini-mod v.3 games Cool!!!!

Oh and there is now 2 new pics in the loading screen just so people know its the mini-mod v.3 loading.

Theres probably more which i have forgot but enjoy!!!!!!

Just loads more extra historical detail and WW1 fun!!!!

Thanks to erhpdm for his improvments to the original wonderful TGW1.1 mod

New files developed by erhpdm 2007/compiled by Dr Rare 2007

***Remember do not post feedback in this thread it is for uploads only!!!!!!**

TGW 1.1 Mini-mod v.3 HDP Feedback appreciated and any questions please at this link.....
Paradox Interactive Forums - New Hoi1 TGW 1.1 Mini-mod v.3 HDP Info

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TGW 1.1 Mini-Mod v.3 HDP


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