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Dr Rare

Mar 7, 2005
Thank you very much . ( Ευχαριστώ πολύ [ Efharisto pole ] hey Bro , some Greek for you to catch up with ol' Greek heritage :) )
:cool: I think catching up will take a while :)

Great mod and mini-mod even though having installed both at once I can't actually say which is which . I enjoy them all the same . Greek events rawk .

Keep up the good work .
Glad you like it.

If you have set up TGW 1.1 & added HDP minimod correctly you should end up with 2 TGW shortcuts on your desktop 1 one should use the original TGW icon a infantry pic and if Mini mod has been set up using moddir folder correctly then you should have another icon with the WW1 tank on that will lead and start up the minimod HDP fixed and enhanced version.