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Dr Rare

Mar 7, 2005
New TGW 1.1 Mini-mod v.2 Info

Link to Download.... http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/showthread.php?p=6060086#post6060086
Paradox Interactive Forums - New TGW Mini Mod v.2!!(Second post in the linked thread)!

Well the New TGW 1.1 Mini-mod v.2 is here!!( overhauled and upgraded)Yet another fantastic set of additions to the already fabulous TGW(The Great War)WW1 Hoi1 mod.

This is a NEW separate running add on mod for TGW 1.1 which has its own save game space,thus not effecting anyones old TGW install or save games.

These new enhanced files developed by 'erhpdm' in the forum include many new Historical Events and tweaks to the January 1914 and August 1914 TGW scenarios.They add new historical events to many minor and major nations in TGW which were lacking in the original mod.

It includes all of the many Popular tweaks,changes,new additions and events of the first Mini-Mod plus much much more added to them and new.Including new leader and minister files for many minor nations.

New Mini-mod v.2 Changes and additions to scenarios and events include

New province claims for Northern Warlords(Sinkiang) , Mongolia and events.
Italian control over Jubaland and the port of Kismayo Treaty of London events
German Afrikan Militia Events and revolts.(Which make the Afrikan War front much more intresting playable and historical)
Sanusia leaders and ministers and More revolt events
New Abyssinian events,leaders,ministers
Tweaking of supplies and units for new post Russian civil war nations.
New Leader's added for Albania,Northern Warlords,Mongolia,Persia and Tibet
New Ministers added for Persia and Sanusia
New Historical province changes and forts added
More DOW events for minor nations.
New Ulster events
New Greek events
New ministers for Spain and Belgium
New Events and tweaks for Every major and minor country in TGW to many to mention separatley!.Lots more historical WW1 fun!! !
Some new flags and shields and a New Zeppelin stand Bmp are included if you dont like them just delete them from your Mini-Mod GFX folder.

This is a complete New Mini-mod release it only takes minutes to add to your existing TGW1.1 install and does not affect your old install or save games in anyway.

Install instructions are very simple and included in the .rar file.

Remember you have to already have the Hoi1 TGW 1.1 mod installed on your system to use the Mini-mod.The Mini-mod works with TGW 1.1 like CORE works with Hoi1 Vanilla.

This release is the complete Mini-mod v.2 you do not need to have the Mini-mod v.1 to use this.

Mini-mod v.2 replaces your old Mini-mod v.1, so Mini-mod save games will be affected.You can just drop in the new files and delete your old Mini-mod save games or easier still just delete your entire original Mini-mod folder and replace it with the new Mini-Mod v.2 folder.Simple!

Now many of the blank spaces of TGW have been filled.

New files developed by erhpdm 2007.Compiled by Dr Rare

Do not forget to add my TGW GFX tank and plane sprites fixitpack to your main TGW install,who wants to see WW2 sprites in a WW1 mod????Of course if you play with counters this dosent matter.
Paradox Interactive Forums - TGW Tank/Plane Sprite Fix Pack!

Dr Rare 2007

Dr Rare

Mar 7, 2005
TGW Mini-mod News

The Future... TGW ....Mini-mod......HDP!

The Mini-Mod is badly named as it is not small at all.It is amazing how fast it grew and that there has been 2 releases within 6 months!!
Later this year the TGW November 1914 scenario will be tweaked and changed and added to the TGW Mini-mod and it will be released as a separate drop in Mini-mod patch later in the year.Then the entire Mini-mod after further testing feedback and additions will be compiled with New GFX changes and Re-released complete as TGW-HDP(Historical Development Project)a far more befitting name.

I am also going to release a TGW sprites pack with separate Guards infantry,light infantry for all TGW majors plus many new minors ww1 infantry designs and new generic ww1 bergsjaeger(mountain troops) and marines(Naval Infantry) to finally remove the sprites carrying ww2 sub machine guns from the ww1 mod.This will be released soon for players to download and add to existing games for feedback and testing .This will then be released as part of the complete TGW-HDP mod.

Dr Rare

Dr Rare

Mar 7, 2005
TGW 1.1 Mini-mod v.3 HDP

Ok soon the TGW 1.1 Mini-mod v.2 will be replaced by Replaced by new v.3 release,i hope the 166 people that downloaded the v.2 version enjoyed it???

This thread was intended for v.2 discussion and feedback i hope the v.3 thread will see some more input and less lurking!! :rolleyes:

Ok the project has grown and the Mini-Mod is now massive, its time for the latest new v.3 release.Thats three versions in less than a year!! :)

TGW 1.1 Mini-mod v.3 (HDP)Historical Development Project

****v.3 LINK ****http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/showthread.php?p=7843793#post7843793
Paradox Interactive Forums - New Hoi1 TGW 1.1 Mini-Mod v.3 HDP !!!
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