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May 29, 2005
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Hi all,

Are there still any guys around who would like to start a weekly game?

I really mis playing this game online. I'm situated in the Netherlands so that's Europeane time and I prefer to play on Thursday. The best would be long sessions on this evening (for example 18:00 - 0:00 or whatever suits you guys.

First I would like to see if there is anybody interested. When we've got some guys togheter we can discuss (or takeover from a previous game) the rules.

I would like to play Japan or Italy or otherwise.....mmm let me think about a #3 perhaps Nationalist Spain. Romania or something. Please leave behind your personal top 3 list. From the past I know that it's really important to have experienced players on UK/GER.

Hope to hear from anybody soon!


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Germany -
Italy -
Japan - Erik_NL
Romania -
Nat Spain -

UK -
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