New forums - navigation painful & new message lost on login loop

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Love paradox - don't love the new forums.

My professional background is in software development, largely webdev for the last couple decades.

I think the navigation needs an overhaul. discoverability - if you somehow randomly arrive here - for new content is better, but my hunch is that most visitors to the forums are coming here with a game or issue already in mind. For that, navigation is subpar.

I ran a little test with my wife and two daughters, who are both genZ digital natives, and none of the three found the new navigation system intuitive for taskssuch as, "find the main EUIV forum"

Just my two cents.

Second issue - if a user starts a message without signing in (can we fix the single signon between paradox plaza and the forums pls), they are not prompted to sign in until they try to save the post, at which point, the message is lost and needs to be retyped.

Pain in the Austria.

Love you guys, though.
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Aug 25, 2009
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I'm not a professional but, yes, I agree that the new forums are painful.

I can't find a "jump to the first unread" button directly from a board. I'm currently opening the thread and click on the "jump to new" button. Two clicks instead of one. And if such button exists, it isn't clearly visible/recogniziable.

This is my very first time in my whole life that I have to search in a forum tech support board...