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Sep 24, 2008
All with an interest.

A number of new events are currently under development or have been
developed. This work is being carried out on Stony Road Site, and these
events are available there.

New Events Discussion Thread.
Proposing new events or event tweaks.

Currently under development events:

Russian create units from lend lease events [AI Only]
Allies lent lots of equipment to Russia (planes, tanks, trucks etc),
event adds some specific units (fighters, Moterized, TAC) currently
to the build queue (though this is under discussion)..

Brazilian Rubber Supply To America Events [AI + Human]
Brazil lifted its rubber production from 18,000 tons to 45,000 tons
to supply allied war effort.

AI Assistance Events [AI ONLY]
1) help puppets not collapse
2) Help other ai countries as determined necessary.
Specifically by providing needed resources to keep their economies working.

German Raider Events - Developed By Monash.
The event can be downloaded from this Post.

Please feel free to review the discussion on Stony.

Please feel free to comment here or present new ideas for events here.

Monash, Dr Rare, Bestmajor.


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Jun 5, 2008
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read a bit at terranova.dk and those guys are using India as a british puppet from start (1936 scenario). however i like this idea as the borders (vs PER / SIA /CHI can still be defended by UK and even a puppet will have more troops there as uk.

with gaining independence, some british generals could sleep. also this is avoiding a to strong india as a released state gets all the techs from its maser 8eg if india gains independence it has all the british techs, including naval techs etc after independence).


EDIT: maybe completely OT here ....