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Lord Pawel

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Feb 8, 2019
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My favourite class to play is the Necromancer. I play him nearly all the time, and one of my favourite perks is the complete immunity to negative enviromental effects.
One of my favored strategies is just to cast Blight Empire and screw up the whole map. Recently however i have stumbled upon a very serious multiplayer issue.
The spell Domain of Corruption is bloody gone. And by "gone" i mean it has skidaddled away from my research tree. I simply can't research it at all.
This is obviously troublesome when i want to play with my non-necromantic friends, who get pissed at me every time i screw up their domain.

Can anyone here provide any useful tips for my current problem? I think i looked through every possible wiki and forum but i can't find anything. I researched the whole skill tree and I just don't get to find this vital spell. This is really frustrating lads. Really.

Thanks in advance for any info you might share.