Need help for Tarr Chroncles

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Oct 2, 2007
riho888 said:
I have german verion of tarr chronicles , is there any way to change it english ????

Since I was going to buy the German version... don't tell me they synchronized the speech files!?!? :eek:

Bad synchro has already killed Starlancer, Freelancer, and hundreds of other games' German versions. I hope there is some way out with Tarr Chronicles, like the original files being on the CD (have you tried that, by the way?) or some ANGEL who has got the original version and loads up the original speech files to some server.

Otherwise this is going to be another reason for me not to buy the game, besides the online activation procedure. :(


Sep 30, 2007
Do not fear...the speech files are english just the subtitles are localized...what does not mean that this is really the best since the original was russian...even though I wouldn't asume that speech is one of the strong points of that game at all, chatter is very dense to say the least. So you might just miss out on some things only because you stopped paying attention at some point....
Oh, and what's about that online activation? I haven't noticed such a thing with my DVD, maybe that only applies to the online purchased licenses.