National Ideagroups - 28th of October

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We're almost ready to release Art of War, and we're almost done posting all the new ideas! Here's the first batch of 'group' ideas that apply to several nations of a particular culture or government type.

Client State Ideas
Morale of Armies: +10.0%
Core-Creation Cost: -10.0%
  1. Self Rule: National Unrest: -2.00
  2. Foreign Sheriffs: National Tax Modifier: +10.0%
  3. Fortified Border: Fort Defense: +15.0%
  4. Foreign Magnates: Production Efficiency: +10.0%
  5. Mercantile Privileges: Provincial Trade Power Modifier: +15.0%
  6. Recruitment Centers: Mercenary Cost: -20.0%
  7. Foreign Advisors: Possible Advisors: +1
Build Cost: -20.0%

West African Ideas
National Manpower Modifier: +15.0%
Diplomatic Relations: +1
  1. Griot Tradition: Possible Advisors: +1
  2. Salt Caravans: Goods Produced Nationally: +10.0%
  3. Kola Nuts: Global Trade Power: +10.0%
  4. Ancestors and Crescent: Religious Unity: +20.0%
  5. Royal Stables: Cavalry Cost: -10.0%
  6. The Great River: Trade Efficiency: +5.0%, Envoy Travel Time: -25.0%
  7. Maintain Minor Kings: Accepted Culture Threshold: -10.0%
Diplomats: +1

Andean Ideas
Yearly Legitimacy: +1.00
Increased chance of new Heir: +25.0%
  1. Talking Knots: National Tax Modifier: +10.0%
  2. Mountain Roads Network: Provincial Trade Power Modifier: +10.0%
  3. Tears of the Sun: Yearly Inflation Reduction: +0.10
  4. Llamas Farming: Production Efficiency: +10.0%
  5. Monumental Ornaments: Building Power Cost: -10.0%
  6. Hidden Cities: Fort Defense: +10.0%
  7. Zampano Music: Yearly Prestige: +1.00
National Trade Income Modifier: +10.0%

Aymaran Ideas
Production Efficiency: +10.0%
Fort Defense: +15.0%
  1. Legacy of Tiwanaku: Idea Cost: -10.0%
  2. Yatiri Healing: Possible Advisors: +1
  3. Chu'uqi Production: Land Attrition: -10.0%
  4. Cultivate Aymara Dances: Yearly Prestige: +1.00
  5. The Tinku Rites: Morale of Armies: +10.0%
  6. Encourage the Chal'lla: Stability Cost Modifier: -15.0%
  7. Ayni Duties: Recruitment Time: -10.0%
Goods Produced Nationally: +10.0%

Tupi Ideas
Manpower Recovery Speed: +10.0%
Reinforce Speed: +10.0%
  1. Agnatic Kinship: Stability Cost Modifier: -10.0%
  2. The Two Tribes: Prestige Decay: -1.0%
  3. It Is A Good Day To Die: Infantry Combat Ability: +10.0%
  4. Slash And Burn: National Manpower Modifier: +15.0%
  5. Cultivate The Land: Production Efficiency: +10.0%
  6. Head Hunters: Yearly Army Tradition Decay: -1.0%
  7. Wall Builders: Fort Defense: +10.0%
Infantry Cost: -10.0%
Nice tupi and client states ideas, but this means that greece will not get an unique idea tree? And south east asia nations?
Isn't there another bunch tomorrow? Or am I wrong?
"first batch" is what Wiz said, and since release is the 30th, I think something will come tomorrow as well. But we'll see!

Edit: 10s ninja'd
Wow, West-African ideas are ridiculously strong! O_O

I wish Shan would have gotten unique ideas. It's such a BIG nation, and often has serious importance in indochina/burma, yet it only has generic ideas.

*tears of joy* Finally I can customize the flag of my country (without modding ofc) AND get some handsome ideas AND can fight a glory independence-war!
Wait.. can I?