National Ideagroups - 21st of October A - Montenegro

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+15% Defensiveness
+1 Hostile Attrition

  1. Legacy Of Diocleia: +1 Legitimacy
  2. Metropolitanate of Montenegro: +1 Tolerance Own Faith
  3. Clan Society: -10% Infantry Cost
  4. Balkan Gusars: +15% Privateer Efficiency
  5. The Call Of The Sea: +1 Navy Tradition
  6. Tax Reform: +10% Tax Income
  7. Cojstvo I Junastvo: +15% Manpower

+10% Infantry Power
The defensive idea group will make good for 'em, stacking defense and attrition.
Then figure out some way to make them a Theocracy. Then build a March. Suddenly they take 5 years to siege down.

Technically, after 1516, when Montenegro was ruled by Prince-Bishops, it should be a Theocracy. That would make a good in-game event...
Then figure out some way to make them a Theocracy. Then build a March. Suddenly they take 5 years to siege down.

Theocratic government types don't have any bonuses to defensiveness or hostile attrition. Theocratic ideas give those bonuses, and they are the ideas that most theocracies have at the beginning of the game.
Is Montenegro going to exist in Art of War or will they be able to be released by Serbia? Otherwise great ideas. I like all the Balkan ideas, great work.
I don't know about Art of War, but they are releasable in 1.7. They have a core in Zeta.
Still no albanian ideas...

You really don't believe they would leave Albania out or do you?
Come on. unique NIs are either good for making vassals or are there for the players to enjoy. And leaving Albania out would be really silly right now, as everyone and his dog are getting ideas in the Balkans.
They're just not going to make ones for Trebizond just to troll us Byzantophiles, aren't they?

Guess I'll just borrow MEIOU's or VeF's for the mod I'm making. Otherwise I'll probably make them overpowered on accident.

Wasn't that one of the first or second ideas to be released?