National Ideagroups - 19th of October D - Air

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Mar 14, 2001

-10% Land Attrition
+25 Merchant Steering to Inland

  1. Taghlamt: +10% Trade Income
  2. Cross of Agades: +15% Land Morale
  3. Legacy of Tin Hinan: +1 Legitimacy
  4. Blue People: +1 Prestige
  5. Inadan Castes: +10% Production Efficiency
  6. Nomadic Traditions: +1 Leader Land Manuever
  7. Ineslemen Teachings: +1 Missionary Strength

+1 Leader Land Shock
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Blue People? o.o
Blue People? o.o
The Tuareg are famous for their blue clothing.

Can we see revised NIs for the other (old) nations? Such as France, Sweden, Prussia and so on.
Looks like these new sets are pretty damn powerful!
By this you mean more historically accurate ones? Because if you mean sheer strength of the ideas, those country ideas just walk over everything new they've added.
What is air?

Pun aside, I'm happy that the sub-Saharans are getting more attention, once the expansion comes out that will be the first area I wish to try. Revolutionary Air...
Nice, +15 morale.

GG, France.