National Idea Suggestions for remaining alive Turkish beyliks in 1444 (Ramazan & Dulkadir)

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Oct 1, 2014
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Greetings, I am back with some more idea suggestions. I have read some sources and wanted to share.
1. Turkey Diyanet Foundation - Islam Encyclopedia
2. Anadolu Beylikleri ve Akkoyunlu, Karakoyunlu Devletleri by Ord. Prof. İsmail Hakkı Uzunçarşılı
3. Ramazanoğulları Beyliği by Prof. Yılmaz Kurt
4. Ramazanoğulları'nın Kanunisi Ramazanoğlu Piri Mehmed Paşa by Prof. Yılmaz Kurt
5. Adana'nın Türkleşmesi ve Ramazanoğulları by Prof. Yılmaz Kurt
6. The Establishment of Ramadan Principality by Fatma Akkuş Yiğit

Important things about Ramazan:
-Pîrî Mehmed Pasa I suppressed the riots of Safavid supporters. (Unrest)
-Ramazanoğulları established the first foundations on trade and pilgrimage roads. (Trade buffs)
-Mamluk wanted to keep Anatolia under control, they used The Ramazan emerged as an alternative to the Dulkadir. Ramazan and Dulkadir against the Mameluks gained the courage of their success, even rebelled against the Mamluks. As a matter of fact, the life of his son İbrahim Bey, who had been the head of his family since Ramazan Bey, passed on to rebel against the Mamluks. (They shouldn't be very loyal to Mamluks, probable buffs against Mamluks)
-Adana was center of cereals, cotton and sesame agriculture. (buff to trade goods modifier)

Important things about Dulkadir:
-As in all the Turkish states, Dulkadir owed his existence to his military power. At the time of the foundation of Beylik, Karaca Bey made a campaign on Armenians in Çukurova with a force of 5000 people. This number has increased over time, XV. It reached 30.000 in the end of the century. The French traveler Bertrandon de la Broquière writes that, if necessary, the subtle women also joined the war (Voyage d'outremère, pp. 82, 118). (Probably better manpower buffs, even women fight!)
-"Alâuddevle Bey Kanunnâmesi" documented that the Ottoman Timariot system was also applied in the Dulkadir Beylik, so the military organization was established according to this system. (timariot idea)
-Karaca Bey has been known since then for his successful conflicts with the Sis Armenians (better fighter against heretics)
-the laws of the last ruler Alâuddevle show that they want to develop with a essential organization.

I think these information can be combined with generic Anatolian ideas of Turkish nations.

Sadly there are not much left to find about these 2 countries, they nearly spent their whole life under Mamluks or Ottomans.
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