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Aug 10, 2016
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More start dates have been brought up before, with years like 1821 and 1861* often brought up.

Personally I think a Napoleonic start would be way more interesting though. Not entirely certain which year, but here's why I think it'd be great:
  • Entirely different setup of the world, you could play as Denmark-Norway, New Spain, Confederation of the Rhine etc...
  • Strong France to challenge Britain
  • Potential for America to develop completely differently or remain under European rule.
  • 30-40 extra years of gameplay.
I guess a big issue is all the warfare, and Napoleonic warfare being best left to MotE or EU4. However, I still think this could showcase some of Vic3s strengths compared to those:
  • The continental system could showcase trade and blockades.
  • Military innovations at the time could work within the system of production methods.
  • The peninsular war and invasion of Russia would be examples of how costly wars in Vic3 are.

* Or at least it was featured in Vic2, but with the changes to how the US civil war works, I don't see it being very exciting in Vic3
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Mar 27, 2009
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This suggestion has been brought up several times before Vicky3 was even announced and it basically comes down to the part of Napoleon being cruicial to set up Europe, an by extension the world pretty much, for the 19th century in the same way that Alexander the Great is cruicial to set things up for the rise of the Roman republic.

If the Napoleonic period and its immediete aftermath does not go more or less as it did, then the 19th century heads into an entirely new direction. And that can be cool in a sandbox way but it renders any historical research into the 19th century more or less impossible since developments in the game will diverge so sharply from history.
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