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Apr 19, 2015
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Hello! It's been for a while since I posted the Bukharan ideas, so I decided to continue. I chose Mzab because of its uniqueness and because the bereber naval ideas are poor-suited for them. So let's go:



+1 tolerance of the true faith

+1 diplomatic reputation


1. Rostomite remnants: We are the last remnants of the great Rostomite Empire, which covered the majority of Algerian lands. +1 yearly prestige

2. Atheist diplomacy: As the only ibadi state in the region, we cannot let religion interfere in diplomatic affairs. +1 diplomatic relations

3. Legacy of Salma ibn Sad: Salma ibn Sad was the first missionary that converted some parts of Algiers to Ibadism. We should reclaim its legacy and try to convert them again. +1 missionary

4. Between northern and western Africa: From the XIII century, Mzab has been an important center of trade. The sub-Saharan gold and slaves stay in Mzab for a while before continuing to Tunis, Morocco and Europe. +15% provincial trade power

5. Tolerate Sunni minorities: The Sunni Islam has a strong presence here. If we choose to supress them, we could incur in the fury of our neighbours, so we should tolerate them to make the realm more stable. +2 tolerance of heretics

6. Tuareg cavalry: The Mahgrebi cavalry is one of the strongest in the Muslim world. We should improve our cavalry to defeat our enemies. +15% cavalry combat ability

7: The 5 citadels: When Mzab was founded, the Rostomites built 5 citadels to ensure the protection of the area: Tagherdayt, At Isjen, At Mlishet, At Bunur and Tajnint. +20% fort defense


+5% discipline
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