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Mar 3, 2018
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Hey guys,
After completing 2 playthoughs of Tyranny here are my thoughts, curious as to whether the community agrees with me or not on this....

1) Liked....correction Loved the fact that no matter what option you pick you always miss out on something, it makes the replayability of this game better, in my mind.

2.) I find that Third ACT a little short, I wish that added some more...main quest driven content in here, maybe dealing with Kyros's Vanguard prior to deciding if you want to remain loyal or not. Or flexing you power as a leading person in the Tiers.

3.) I liked that you get to pick between three allies or go it alone, I wish that each path had a specific character exclusive to them. EX: Barrik exclusive to a Disfavored Path (seems to fit), Kills-in-Shadow not available to the Disfavored Path, Potential new Characters added ect.

4.) Lastly I think it would have been nice if you had more, "Fatebinder Judgeing" moments, or maybe assignments handed down from Tunon you had to accomplish, and some of them had certain dates in which you had to accomplish them in, There were times in this game were I wanted to feel more attached to the court, or getting more oversight from the Court.

5.) I don't think the developers should be scared or putting in some tactful restrictions or blocking off certain paths after certain choices are made, as opposed to leaving it wide open. I think they did this in Tyranny, but I also think they could have taken it a bit further.

6.) I love the mechanics of the magic system, I wish lore wise it had been explored more, still trying to figure out how granting powers, archons, magic, and the bane all fit together.

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