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Feb 5, 2021
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My suggestions :

-Make deployment options for separation into 3 prison wings. For example Max Security sector 1, Max Security sector 2. Max Security sector 3.
That way we can split 3 gangs into 3 difference sectors/wings. I already know that we can assign prisoner manual into the cell, but after solitary time they get into difference cells and mix up gangs again.
-Make unconscious prisoners need lie down in bed in infirmary room for certain time for recovery. For example 2-3 hours. That make game more real and we need make bigger infirmary rooms. It's not real for doctor heal the unconscious prisoner immediately.
-Make death person need stay in morgue room for certain time before being picked up by hearse. What's the point to have morgue room if hearse come immediately to pick up death prisoner or death staff member, that death person don't even stay in morgue room.
- Prisoners able bribe guard member with their earned money for "no response" AND "not seeing anything" , if guard member have bad morale he is likely to be bribed
-Unseen murder, which means if CCV camera or guards did not saw committed murder they don't know who did it and can't punish nobody.

In Escape mode:
-Make that we can gain or choose reputation if we use drugs or alcohol, exercise often in gym, eating a lot etc. , not only with fight or brake items such shower head.
-Order certain contraband thru phone call or visitation. For example order contraband to be deliver hidden in ingredients,mail, workshop supplies, thrown across fence etc.
-Making money thru work or trading contraband then we use that money to bribe guards or buy another contraband from other prisoners etc.
- You can make enemies from other prisoners or gangs, they just don't like you and want to kill you or fight you.
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