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Jul 23, 2007
Note #1 : As I really love watching Japanese Manga and Anime, all the people of this nation become a cute(some call these style "moe") girl like those in Japanese Anime. (If too many people can't accept it, I'll try to fix that.)
Note #2 : My English is bad. :(

MOD used :

MOD 1934
My own new country, minister, techteam etc.


The flag of Socialist Prussia(officially Kingdom of Prussia)

Calm before the Storm

Fall Lutter (1)
Fall Lutter (2)

If you want peace, prepare for war (1)
If you want peace, prepare for war (2)
If you want peace, prepare for war (3)
If you want peace, prepare for war (4)
Poland, you are not forgotten

The dice is cast.
Fall Deutscher Orden (1)
Fall Deutscher Orden (2)
Fall Deutscher Orden (3)

Fall Schwertbrüderorden

Fall Merkur

Domino effect

Fall Nornen (1)
Fall Nornen (2)

All Quiet on the European Front

Fall Schwedisch Kreuzzug (1)
Fall Schwedisch Kreuzzug (2)

Peace for our time

Unternehmen Seelowe (1)
Unternehmen Seelowe (2)
Unternehmen Seelowe (3)
Unternehmen Seelowe (4)
Unternehmen Seelowe (5) - The Twinight

Fall Norman
Fall Norman - Aftermath

Scandinavian Issue (1)
Scandinavian Issue (2)
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Conservative Socialist
Jul 23, 2007
Europe, October 1, 1934

It's almost 10 years after the Sozialistische Partei Preußen(Socialist Party of Prussia, SPP) takeover the Parliament of Prussian State and transform this Republic into a social democrat kingdom in 1924. As the Triple Entente decided to create one more small baltic state in Treaty of Versailles, the Prussian State was born and under the rule of a conservative president, Hans Meier. However, Hans is not a suitable man to rule a nation, and the economy of Prussia fall like a melting battleship. In order to pay the debt, Hans sold the province of Torun and Suwalki to Poland, and this act made the people unhappy. In the election in 1924, the SPP raise to power by promising the people to fix the economy of Prussia, and get back those land which was rightfully belong to Prussia. After SPP controlled the Parliament, they established the new socialist order, and the Prussian State became the Kingdom of Prussia.

With the help of Karl Dietrich, a former royality of Prussia, who is also a socialist, the SPP started to rebuild the economy. Her planned economy system let Prussia out of the Great Depression in 1929 and successfully gain the hearts of the people.

In order to fulfill the promise of retaking the provinces, the Reichwehr and the Reichsmarine was rebuilt, with these armed force, the Prussia is ready for war.


Europe, end of 1934


These lands are rightfully belong to us, and we will reclaim them one day.


Because we are democratic country, those British seems to like us.


And those ultrarightist who hates freedom, obviously don't like us, the democratic leftist. :wacko:


Meet the cabinet, after Karl dead in 1930, his daughter, Sarah Dietrich become the new Königin, and will lead us into the glorious socialist future!(if nothing goes wrong, and we have a lot of luck)


The Reichwehr(army) and Reichsmarine(navy), not really strong.

Next update : Calm before the storm(compare to the future war, I would like to call that a small shower though)


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Apr 11, 2007
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Wow! Looks great! Ahistorical nations -aars are always great


Conservative Socialist
Jul 23, 2007
Update 1.5 : Calm before the......small shower?


Catalonia and Ethopia decided to celebrate the new year in a different way.


The League of Nations decided to help the weak, although the weak fires the first shot.


Germany somehow managed to get back lands from the LN.


Catalonia is owned, and no one outside the Iberian Peninsula cares.


Ethopia is crushed by those Fascists, and still no one cares.


Without convoy, you can't transport a single bullet across the sea, and our government certainly knows that.


Seems that May 17 is a good day for GoI.

Next : Fall Lutter
(hope that I can write a longer paragraphs to describe it, as AAR needs that)


Conservative Socialist
Jul 23, 2007
>To Gigalocus
It is because Memel isn't in the East Prussia Area(or region?), and in the setting, the Memel is given to Lithuania, so we don't have claim on it.

>To Miihkali
Thank you :D

Also, here's the brief map of the europe, before Fall Lutter :

Black : Axis(Germany)
Blue : Allies
Crimson : Soviet Union and those SSR
Red : Prussia
Yellow : Denmark, you might want to look at it now because you won't be able to find it later :D
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Jun 25, 2006
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WEll, an AAR with Mod34 is always good, but... All girls? I like Manga/Anime too, but you can put some men...


(Interim Avatar)
Oct 9, 2006
this looks interesting... all anime girls running a socialist german country, when they're all from japan... ahahhaha


Conservative Socialist
Jul 23, 2007
>To Viden
In theory there are men, but all people with face are girls. (In the story mode, you may see some men getting busy :) )Also some Garrison Unit are led by man too, but they got no photos. :( (No one cares about anime man when there are anime girls :( )

And if my generals started running out, I'll try to add some man in them. :) (I hope that I won't ruin my save files :wacko: )

>To rcduggan

Story Mode : Fall Luther (1)


Königsberger Schloss, 1935.08.10

Inside the Meeting Room of the Königsberger Schloss, the cabinet is having a secret meeting. The ten members of the cabinet is sitting beside a big round table, and at the central of the table lies a map of the Europe. Sibylla Rothschild the Chief of Staff is pointing the map with a long wooden stick, while the others are focusing on the map.

"......and all our armeekorps are armed with sufficient equipments to perform an amphibious assault......the Fall Lutter is executable now. In order to reduce most uncertain situation, I suggest that we should start the Operation immediately......" Sibylla Rothschild, pointing at the Jutland with her stick, said.

"But they are protected by English and Germans, won't this operation attract their bullets?" Sarah Dietrich, the Queen of the Reich, wanted to confirm that this plan will not put her country on a balance.

"Well your highness, our Foreign minister will settle those politician, we only have to focus on the Danish Forces now." Sibylla said, with a strange smile.

"Em......then how about the Danish Forces?" After seconds of thinking, Sarah asked another question.

"That's not really a problem either, your highness. RMS Königsberg had observed the Jutland for more than a week, all their army got was 1 old korps, that certainly is not a problem......" Sibylla replied.

"And......sorry, may I speak?"

"Yes, please."

"Thank you your highness." Maris Blau, the Chief of Reichsmarine bowed and started to speak, "Their navy was more dangerous, as they have 2 CA and 2 U-Boat, and we have only 1 CL and 2 DD."

"But we need not to care about that, as long as we have the Jutland, Danish navy will surrender, and if they don't......" Sibylla smiled and said, "Well, at least they'll have to come from Iceland."

"In conclusion, this Operation is highly possible to success, and once we've control Kopenhagen, our future enemies will not be able to enter the Baltic Sea."

"Em......Chairman Bachmeier?" Feeling a bit confused, Sarah asked Isabel Bachmeier, the leader of the SPP.

"This is a good plan." Isabel answered neatly.

"Em......Ok." Sarah looked at the others, and sign a docuement in front of her.

"Thank you your highness, " Sibylla bowed at Sarah, then open the door and said to the men outside, "I want all transporter be ready in 1800, and I want to see the first armee be ready at the port before 2200!"

While the officers outside started getting busy, the cabinet members also started to be into their position. The call of bugle, after leaving europe for nearly 20 years, are back. (OK, I ignored Catalonia :eek:o )

Next : Fall Lutter (2)
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Conservative Socialist
Jul 23, 2007
Fall Lutter (2)

1935.08.10 0000

This typical summer night of Prussia is not typical anymore. several hours ago, the OKR(Oberkommando der Reichwehr) announces a emergency call to the I. Armee, all soldiers have to be ready at Königsberg......armed to the teeth. 40,000 soldiers, all armed with amphibious equipment, march through the streets of Königsberg and to the port.

"Hey Otto, what the *beep* is going on? All my vacations are gone now!" A soldier cursing the OKR, who just messed up his vacations with his girlfriend in Elbing.

"I don't know......but a guy named Reno in 2. Infanterie-Division said that we will have a special vacation after this......"

"ALL SOLDIERS, ACHTUNG!" Suddenly, a female voice interupted Otto via the loudspeaker located in the coastal base.

"Ok, stop chatting now?" The voice continues, "We don't have much time so I'll speak quickly! 1. Infanterie-Division now go to the First port and get onto the transporter, and the 2. Division get to the Second......what do you mean this is not a speak? Speaking to the soldiers before the operation is your idea.......I know it's foolish......Whatever, tell Doris I'll be there right after they're all onto the boat......"

The broadcast was interupted later, while 20,000 soldiers getting into the small, uncomfort transporters, and with the engine started roaring, the Fall Lutter begin.


1935.08.11 0700
RMS Königsberg, somewhere in Store Bält
(Sound Record)

"I think you clearly know that this is the Rubikon river, and this is the final chance to step back."

"Actually, if those guys in the Kopenhagen find that there are 20,000 fully armed soldiers hanging around their lands, they would certainly kick our butt, right?"

"We've alreay cross the Rubikon. Now, let the show begins."


1935.08.13 1800
Odense, Prussia

After the sudden strike by the Reichsmarine, when the Danish Army totally woke up by the Special News, the Prussian Flag has already fluttering above the coast of Kopenhagen. While the same time, the second transoporter fleet is transporting another 20,000 soldiers across the baltic.

Christian X, the king of Denmark, immediately sent 4 telegrams. One is for Prussia, one is for Britian, one is for Germany, and the last one is for the League of Nations.

1935.08.17 0700
Kopenhagen, Denmark

After the successful regroup of the I. Armee, another amphibious assault is launched against Seeland, the Island where the Danish Capital of Kopenhagen located. Being outnumbered, the Danish army failed to protect the coast, and they retreat to their last stand - Kopenhagen.


Battle of Kopenhagen

After 2 hours of battle, the Prussian Army captured the capital of Kopenhagen, the world's oldest flag lowered, and the newest one raised. Danish government declared unconditional surrender.

At that night the Danish Navy, who refuse to disarm, striked the Prussian fleet unsuccessfully. The last Danish resistence surrendered on August 25.


Dane Wars : The Danish Navy Strikes Back


......and failed


Unconditional Surrender of the Danish Government


A Danish Destroyer was abandoned in a shipyard of Kopenhagen, she soon became one of the Baltische Flotte(Baltic Fleet).


Europe after Fall Lutter, Denmark is no more.

Next : If you want peace, prepare for war. (Watch the starting movie if you forget this :D )
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Katalaanse Burger en Terroriste
Feb 12, 2005
I'll follow very very very carefully this AAR. I swear it :D


Conservative Socialist
Jul 23, 2007
>To Kurt_Steiner
Thanks :D

>To Viden
In case if we have to fight against British, this will prevent the mighty British Amanda from sinking the Prussian.
Also, Kopenhagen provides a land(kinda) way to Sweden.(Christian X himself prove that :D )
The last reason is a bit in-character : save those danes from the evil Fascist Germans. :p

If you want peace, prepare for war.
*Shiny HoI2: DD logo*


......and if you want to prepare for war, something will mess with you.
(Bravo! We discovered the Murphy's law!)
(Note : I lose all my army :( )


But that won't stop Prussia, we are going to rebuild a stronger army!


In the same time, Maris goes to find out how powerful our neighbour is.


Behold, the annual SPAM! :rofl:


The economy of Prussia is greater now!


Conservative Socialist
Jul 23, 2007

More convoy.


(First) Chinese civil war begins, no one in Europe cares.


Our first Panzer-Division, for the future war.


Another civil war begins.


Behold, another annual SPAM! :eek: (Also, there are some of our new armies ;) )

Note : I jumped the olympic event, since no one actually cares.


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Apr 11, 2007
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That looks good AAR. I'll follow this one


@ my Swedish HQ
Dec 26, 2006

But you should change the mapcolour of Socialist Prussia to something more Prussian, like lightgrey or something. :)


Conservative Socialist
Jul 23, 2007
>To Miihkali
Thanks :D

>To TeutonburgerW
Thanks :D
Rather than the german style black/grey, I prefer the socialist red more. :D
(And I don't want to share the same colour of Soviet Union, so I picked this)

Indeed, I just too lazy to change that :rofl:


The prologue of the World War II


Independence of Basque

Somehow the Basque managed to lead Republican Spain

And the cabinet imported 10 to read


Not only their mothers, our Queen do proud too. :)


The Germans are more and more dangerous......but yet we have to cooperate with them.


Japanese Fascists : Win, Warlords of China : Lose, China : Doomed


Conservative Socialist
Jul 23, 2007

Spain won the first Anti-Fascist War :D (But she'll certainly lose the second one.......or not?)


Czech just lose her Sudetenland, her fortress, and maybe her hope and future.


and I mean it.


Things becomes more troublesome.


Italy Fascists bullying small country.

Next : Poland, you're not forgotten