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Nov 4, 2004
I noticed this in the original vanilla version fresh off the CD and all the way up to the most recent patch and I'm very annoyed too.

I will have Von Rundsted (forgive spelling please :confused:) or which ever leader allows 24 units under his command, attack a lone dug-in set of brits, canadians, frenchies, or russians and sometimes the game will bug out and make the lone division invincible.

When I go to attack the single division my army will march into the tile to attack and in about 1 hour game time loose 5 infantry men (2400 down to 2395) and then they retreat and are defeated without even giving it a shot!

In this game I have a group of 6 canadians that I am trying to attack with 9 divisions under guidarian. I look at the tech report and I am far more advanced that the english on ground tech. My units consist of 4 PzIVd's with something like HA & SA both in the 20's and 5 infantry with about the same attacks and 33-35 on Defence. It's still 1941 and I have progressed up to getting the basic assault rifle and all infantry techs below as well as progressed up through the tank tree to where I can start producing tigers. When I attack the canadians with any group of troops they are instantly tossed into a defeat.
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Apr 13, 2004
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What is your org? What time of year is it? (Is it winter with blizzards?) What terrain is it? Montains or jungle? What is the enemy org?

Chances are, you have 0 org for your divisions. They will retreat at that point, regardless of strength.


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Apr 20, 2001
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To get full efficiency for your land divisions stack only up to their command limit which would be 12 for a FM. If you have 24 divisions, use two stacks of 12 each with a FM. Read Fiendix's leader FAQ carefully:

4. Skill bonuses
4.1 These may be granted by a leader to, and only to, the unitS in his formation.
4.2 For skill purposes the capacity of a leader is NOT doubled by the presence
of FMs, whether the FM is himself the leader, in the same stack, in the same
province, or adjacent.
4.3 If the number of unitS in a formation is <= capacity (undoubled) of the formation
leader, then all the unitS in that formation receive the skill bonus.
4.4 If the number of unitS in a formation > capacity (undoubled) of the formation
leader, NO unitS in that formation receive the skill bonus.
4.5 Where granted, the bonus is 5% for each skill level

If your divisions retreat immediately you might have accidentally clicked on the feint command rather than the standard assault command. Or your troops have marched a long time to get into that province and have little or no organization left.

If you are playing 1.06 then you have the ability to see all the combat modifiers. You can capture them with an F11 screenshot which is stored on your hard drive where you HOI folder is. It will be named ScreenSave__ where __ are consecutively numbered. You should always review that info and report it in any postings. Without that info it's very hard to figure out why your attacks are failing.