Ryoshi J

Feb 19, 2019
Xbox Store is saying there is no coop or multiplayer... please could someone confirm if this is the case or not?

Console edition streams don’t show any options for multiplayer on the startup menus...

I’ve preordered the deluxe edition and will sadly be cancelling it if this isn’t clarified.


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Multiplayer will be added "fairly shortly after launch" as well as the deluxe edition DLC content. This was stated today in the Dev stream. I asked how many players allowed but that information is still being worked on apparently as they could not give a definite answer yet.

But multiplayer is coming.


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Dec 10, 2011
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I just want to add a little more weight to @Tw2Brick's response and confirm. :)

The multiplayer *is* coming and is being worked on as we speak. It will be added to the game via a free update, a little later, regardless of what version you own. It's a core feature, and while we've delayed it a little, it's something everyone here is aware of and we want to make sure you can all play together at nearest possible date.

When it comes to release windows, we really hate to make estimates as any delays hurt badly, both the dev team here and our players, so we ask for a little more time before we can commit.

About the number of players, that's something that hasn't been finalized yet, but Stellaris *is* a grand strategy game and scale is important, so we're aiming for high numbers.