Multiplayed on Darkest Hour doesn't work

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May 14, 2014
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Some friends recently got Darkest Hour. The idea was to play a multiplayer game together but for the love of me we tried anything but somewhat we can never manage to connect to each other.

We followed the guide to Multiplayer at this link

but we had no luck

1. Same checksum for everyone.

2. All Firewalls disabled on every computer.

3. Game folders are not under C:/Programs etc.

4. Started with admin rights.

5. Tried with LAN, nothing.

6. Tried Direct IP, nothing.

7. Tried both Hamachi and Gameranger, still nothing.

The only improvement we managed to achieve (if we want to call it an improvement) is that after some attempts with all the combinations the error which says the game doesn't exist didn't pop up anymore, no error at all popped up but simply it didn't enter the room. We tried with Hamachi both on Internet and on LAN, in turn everyone tried to host, still nothing.

The version we tried with was the latest one 1.05.1 with checksum KVZZ.

Another thing that may be useful which comes to my mind is that two of us bought the game on Steam and another one bought the game on GOG but everyone made a separate folder someplace else which isn't C:/Programs and launched the game with admin rights from the launcher in the folder rather than Steam or GOG (as specified in points 3 and 4).

Now I recall years ago I managed to play with friends without any problem using Hamachi and GameRanger, now it's not like that anymore. It's not the first time I tried to start multiplayer games with friends in recent times but I never had such luck and we always ended to give up.

So if anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated, we're all quite frustrated by this.