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Jan 25, 2018
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So after thinking about Federations, and how they level up, and can do more things; I was wondering if the same could apply to regular Diplomatic deals. This is barring whatever the devs may have in mind for the upcoming Expansion, but I hope some of this is taken into consideration.

From the start, you have a basic function, and as you grow closer, you can grow these functions, and gain new bonuses.

For these purposes, I'll focus on Commercial pacts, and Defensive pacts.

So a Commercial pact could have 3 levels:
  • 1 gives a small TV bonus, or current resource dump to each Empire like now.
  • 2 gives basic trade lanes between the Empires, for a limited amount of resources given by a trade policy.
  • 3 gives new trade lanes access to a wide amount of resources for importing/exporting.

Defensive pacts could also come in 3 levels.
  • 1 gives both Empires the basic defensive pact, if they’re declared on, then the other will assist.
  • 2 gives a Military alliance. Now, you can pull them into your offensive wars.
  • 3 gives a stronger Military alliance, so you can have a multilateral Military Alliance if you choose (giving you a federation lite), with a smaller combined influence cost (But without any of the other perks of a Martial alliance).

Federations can also emerge as a result of making certain deals. So a trade League could get that way after reaching level 3 commercial pacts, and being a Megacorp, or having Merchant Guilds. A Martial Alliance could get that way after reaching level 3 Defensive pact, and being Militarist.

I'm not sure how joining Federations could work (Especially because it looks like you can block Empires from outside deals. Check DD 158 "Separate treaties" in the 2nd to last pic), maybe you could skip all of that if it's already established, and you have good relations? Maybe if you had at least a level 2 agreement before? I'm not sure. Maybe associate status could come in levels before you join, I think that'd work.

This could also work with an older idea of mine, with decaying deals (in the threadmark). https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/foru...ndly-empires-and-decaying-agreements.1259455/ So you can either push to keep up the deals, and make them better. Or let them fade, and make one with someone else. It'd also be nice if factions could directly influence the growth, decline, and establishment of deals (for an internal politics expansion/update).
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