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Aug 21, 2016
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An idea I had is that you can mothball fleets.

Mothballed fleets will remain in orbit around the star they're in, and are targetable just as stations are, but cannot return fire.

While Mothballed they have a significantly reduced upkeep (like 5-20% based on the size of the fleet, so larger fleets are harder to mothball).

Mothballed fleets can be split and recombined if they're orbiting the same starbase. But this doesn't remove them from their mothballed state.

Mothballed Fleets cannot have new ships added to them via construction.

Reactivating them has a cost similar to upgrading them, but obviously a flat rate based on the number of ships in the mothballed fleet. Further, the time to activate them increases or decreases based on fleet size. Only one mothballed fleet in a system can be unmothballed at the same time, so you can't just split up a fleet a bunch and then unmothball them all.

The idea behind this is that you can put away older vessels for emergencies, build up a fleet, then mothball it when you don't need it anymore, and that when war comes, an enemy can make a lightning dash to smash your mothballed fleets.
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Jan 25, 2015
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No point in it. You currently save 25% by having them orbit a station, can save another 25% with a base module, 10% can be saved from traditions and generally a admiral gets another 10% saving. All this with 0 downsides.