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Jun 2, 2017
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Thankyou for all your hard work in bringing us this awesome sim. I've noticed some other UI problems not mentioned here yet.

Platform: iPad 4, IOS 9'ish.

1. Savefiles- almost all save files become corrupted after a crash. I sequentially save every few minutes using a different filename suffix and they all become inaccessible after the game crashes. Even after closing the apps, freeing the memory and restarting the iPad. i.e. prisonone, prisontwo, prisonthree, prisonfour.

2. Contraband , When you open the contraband 7h or 12h tabs, the huge Supply/Demand info window blocks the map. Can it be minimized?

3. Contraband , when you press an item, the trace-back paths only flash on/off for a second. Can't see how it traveled throughout the prison.

4. Surveillance, concerning the 'throw over the wall' contraband pickups, the line linking the contraband to the prisoner arranging it is not seen. I don't know who's arranging the pickup.

5. Training programs - I don't know who's signed up for the program or even their security ranking (min, med, max). Can't restrict programs to specific class of prisoners. Ie. Can't assign hygiene training just for min sect prisoners.

6. Training programs with multi classroom prisons - can't tell which of my classrooms are being assigned for the training course. I have 4 classrooms.

7. Confidential informants in 150 prisoner complex. The CI prisoner icons disappear from the list window, can't see who's assigned as a CI, unless I refer to the yellow circles on the map.

8. Kitchen auto assignments links , sometimes the links disappear .
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