Oct 18, 2000
I am going to post this one in both the General Discussion and the FAQ to see if anyone can answer these questions:

1) How/when does one get Conquistadors in the game? I am wondering, because it seems like you have to have such a high tech rating for your navies before you can explore that only countries with COnquistadors (in the game, it isn't just Spain that gets Conquistadors, is it?) have any chance of expanding outside of Europe before the mid-1600s. I couldn't find any answer in the manual (it repeatedly mentions Conquistadors, but only in the context of 'to explore unknown areas, you either need a level 21 naval tech or a Conquistador').

2) Why are some harbors golden in color? Again, I looked through the manual but I couldn't find the answer.

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Jan 20, 2000
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1) How/when does one get Conquistadors in the game?

Normal colonial powers get conquistador but only Spain and Portugal have a lot at beginning of GC.
England, France, and Holland gets more during
17th century. Russia gets some after 1550. Poland, Austria and Sweden lack of historical conquistador.
You can also have some random conquistadors by events.

2) Why are some harbors golden in color?

There is a Shipyard in this province. Ship construction is *10.
This also give an extra colonist each year (but only one even with lot of arsenal)