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May 23, 2020
As it stands morale recovery rate for armies has a very low base which is enhanced by RULER martial score, i.e. even a martial score of 1 increases this rate by 100%, a score of 10 by 1000%. This creates the, I can only presume, unintended consequence of low or zero martial rulers making all of the soldiers completely incapable of fighting, overnight in the case of an election or a succession. It's as if the military capabilities and the fighting spirit of all armies were tied to some chief magistrate in the capitol or some king in a far-away palace, instead of being inherently and intimately tied to the abilities of the GENERAL actually leading any given army. The office of RULER should be responsible, that is the martial score should influence only the highest (political) level of military affairs of the state. Army moral and its recovery rate is tied to individual MEN in the units, i.e. the lowest (tactical) level, and is the responsibility of the officers and ultimately of the GENERAL. Having morale recovery rate be tied to the RULER's martial skill over the general is both nonsensical and game-breaking. That is the whole point of having a separate officer corps and military offices of the civilized states. Also, the same modifier doesn't apply to naval forces which yet again breaks the intended logic of whatever it was supposed to be in the first place.

This modifier has to be removed or changed.

Default Morale recovery should be pretty much set at a similar and constant rate for all armies, as men are the same in Hispania, India and Britain. It should be negatively influenced by war exhaustion and tyranny, and positively by the capabilities of the general (martial and/or oratory) and whether the homeland of each unit were under attack or raided (each unit would be more willing to fight for their own villages and families, both to protect and avenge). The rate shouldn't deviate 10-20% MAX neither positively nor negatively, to avoid the current situation of the rate potentially fluctuating over 10x.

Ruler martial skill should influence the ease by which military offices and the political offices cooperate and military experience from the field is translated into institutional advancement and reform. A ruler who knows the military and can comprehend its needs and wants can facilitate a smoother relationship with the functionaries of the state, resulting in, say, lower maintenance costs, faster resupplying, faster recruitment, higher manpower or manpower recovery. All of this in a minor way as the ruler will always be far removed from the practical workers and functionaries dealing with the tasks.

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Nov 19, 2010
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Never noticed. Moral recovery should probably be tied to the unit leader's martial rather than ruler martial. Ruler's martial could probably better influence military experience needed to adopt military traditions, as that would make more sense for a ruler to be involved in. With an incapable ruler making reforms hard, while a highly competent ruler making reforms cheap.

Though the reform mechanic probably needs some change. It would be more interesting if they took a page from CK3 and made military reforms more dynamic: each culture has its own reforms, and based on the number of pops or the citizenship status of the culture in your country you can pick from their reforms in addition to your own.


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Jul 1, 2015
I mean you can just click unit reorganisation for +10% a month aslong as you are in friendly territory.

Religious tech 0 also have an invention that gives +2% monthly so if you can get that you'd tripple your current morale recovery.

Theres also a national idea that gives +5% monthly.

Clicking unit reorganisation alone would have done wonders even if we discard the other stuff.
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