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This AAR has been dubed: Completed!

I have been convinced to make this game into an AAR...
The country is Moldavia for you slower people...
You might want to check this thread out also, my secret with Moldavia will be revealed in this AAR! ...
So brace yourselves for a life changing event!

I have NOT cheated at all, and I intend to keep it that way.
All options set to normal.
NA 2.2

Warning- You may see gamey and ridiculous tactics.

VI and VI-2
The world according to Moldavia-1638
XV- There is a bug in the server/thread/something, just go to page 14 and you will see it.
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We start.
Hmmm, in the north Poland is there...
In the west we see a hostile Hungary....
In the east we see a hostile Crimea....
In the south we see a hostile Ottoman Empire...
In the north we see a hostile Poland....
In the unknown land we see Moldavia!

Let's make an empire!

Step 1!
We spend a tiny amount of money to hire a stability adviser...

Then we get the usual DOW from somebody at the start...
It is Crimea!!! :eek:

I quickly hire 1K mercenaries and assign my King to run my massive army of 2 regiments, they are ordered to hold Moldavia at all costs!

The next month Crimea defeats them and takes Moldavia.
Our army then runs into Crimea to take unfortified provinces.


Once two provinces fall the puny Crimeans accept a white peace. They are the first to be beaten by Moldavian diplomacy!

Now to deal with others...
We send a diplomat to the Ottomans to give them military access...They accept it! Now if they attack us they will have revolts! Buahahhahah! They are the 2nd to be beaten by Moldavian diplomacy!

Then we hire a colonial adviser, he gives us +6% colonization chances! :eek: (We also sacked the stability one)

Then we sit there for 2 years...

Then we get....

That is it for now, I'll be back for more though!
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spl said:
The western city of El Paso is not in the CST time zone! It is in the MST time zone.

I stand corrected again. I've been wrong about something in the two times I've posted in this thread. It may be time to quietly fade away into the background for a while.
ZmajOgnjeniVuk said:
@spl: Give an update already! :D
Eager to find out how it was done? Want to make sure it can't be done in MMG2? :D

aHuman(oid): Everybody makes mistakes...(except texans)

comagoosie: Thanks!

Enewald: Luck is for the weak! Like Moldavia... ;)

Ladislav: I should write a cook book! But half the recipes would be for Tex-Mex foods! But that's not a bad thing now, is it?

t0m: Maybe it is... :eek:

cocodtim: This would be much easier with your mod.... :(

mandead: I just might now...

Aardwark: Normal all the way. :D You should understand me! You played Ryukyu!
aHuman(oid) said:
I stand corrected again. I've been wrong about something in the two times I've posted in this thread. It may be time to quietly fade away into the background for a while.

Heh. Don't fade away ... even other Texans sometimes forget about El Paso.
What's next for Moldavia!
Getting rid of the mold on the ships...
After that was done, we hired an admiral and conquistador for the massive price of 5 ducats each. Bringing us to a total of 20 ducats!

Now to explore...wait....we are sinking!!!!
Quick find a port near the Atlantic!!
I got it....Granada!

Southern Iberia​

We declared war on the Muslim Infidel and lost 2 stability! We gained the stability back in 3 months...


The 1,000 men unloaded into Granada quickly and after 151 days of siege the surrendered! Hallelujah!

Granada was then annexed!


Madness!!!! Madness!!!

For the past years (since we got QFTNW in '56) we have been fully minting...giving us a total of 56 ducats!

The treasury was then adjusted to invest back into stability.


Yay! An ally!


We could not afford to start a revolt in Granada....so we lost money...

With 24 out of our 27 ducats left we attempt a colonization of Cape Verde! (Recently explored)



It works!

Unluckily for us a Peastents' war hits...risking a revolt that could destroy the goverment...
We quickly changed into a Depositic Monarchy to prevent another one.

Then...to make sure that Castille would not DOW us for having one of its core provinces we gave them Granada for free.

Then in '61 the Peasents' war ended.

Now to deal with more hostile neighbors...We sent 6.6 ducats to Translyvania and gave them military access to prevent a war with them.

More to come folks... :)