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We know that modtext.csv is the file containing text strings for events.
But every player who will play or test more Mods together how can manage with it ?

Are there other reserved csv file for loading event texts ?
If not, may paradox change code to allow loading text from file like modtext_(anystring).csv or modtext_(number 0-99).csv ?


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Nov 15, 2003
It's generally up to the player to keep his modtext up to date. No official patch events will ever use modtext file, so any official patch will not contain that file.


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Modtext.csv is to be used by mods for text strings, it will not be created by any official patch or the DV expansion.
Most mods which introduce new events include the file, and if you use multiple mods you must manually merge the files.

The CK engine will only load specific config files, so you must either use modtext.csv or edit the existing text CSV files. Editing the latter means that any change might be overwritten by a future patch.