Sep 2, 2007
Hello all, I am a great fan of the Take Command series, it reaches a strategic depth that is unmatched amongst most wargames. And I would like to make a mod of it, if any of you people here can held help me. A mod i've planned for a long time, a mod that will bring the greatest war of the Enlightened Era to life:

Take Command: The Napoleonic Wars
-Since the game's engine is built for two factions, you will only be able to play British and French. Alternative versions of the mod might be made to pit the French against a Coalition.

-Eight of the Napoleonic War's greatest battles between Britain and France. Quatre Bras, Fuentes de Onoro, Albuera, Corunna, Talavera de la Reina, Vitoria, Salamanca and Waterloo!

-Play the Duke of Wellington and defeat Napoleon's Marshals one by one, finally facing him on the field of glory at Waterloo!

-Play as a French Marshal and change history, defeating the Duke of Wellington in one battle after another, and then finally leading the Imperial Guard to victory at Waterloo!

-Command famed historical regiments, the Coldstream Guards, the 95th Rifles, the Chasseurs à Cheval, the Scots Greys, the Connaught Rangers, the Lancers, the Duke of Wellington's Regiment, the Royal Scots, the Black Watch and the Grenadiers of the Old Guard!

-Historical authentic commanders will accompany you on campaign. Marshals Soult and Massena, Joseph Bonaparte, Sir Thomas Picton, the Prince of Orange, the Duke of Wellington and Napoleon himself!

-New formations to suit every situation! March with all due speed in Column, storm the enemy lines with Napoleon's famous Colonne D'Attaque, repel Cuirassiers with the Square and let loose with volleys of musketry in the British Line of Two Ranks.

Now, who is interested in this mod? And who can help me with this mod?