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Sep 23, 2007
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So I know this game was more or less abandoned by Paradox, which is a shame, because I love CK II and I love the Sengoku period, so putting them together would be like heaven... Anyway, I have some experience with modding past Paradox games like Hearts of Iron II, CK and Victoria, so I thought I might try to spice up Sengoku so it's more like CK II.

I tried editing the feudal life events event file by adding an event from CK II, just to check it out. I reduced the mean-time-to-happen (MTTH) to 5 months in order for it to fire sooner, just to make sure it happened while I was playing. Unfortunately, no luck. And yes, I did add the event description text to one of the text files in the localization folder. I also added the character modifier to the event_modifiers file. Any ideas on what might keep it from firing?

# Who Owns The Pig?
character_event = {
id = 4038
desc = "EVTDESC4038"

is_triggered_only = yes

trigger = {
war = no
in_command = no
is_ruler = yes

mean_time_to_happen = {
months = 5

modifier = {
factor = 5
honor = 15
modifier = {
factor = 3
trait = just
modifier = {
factor = 0.66
trait = arbitrary
modifier = {
factor = 0.8
trait = content

option = { #Ignore
name = "EVTOPTA4038"
add_trait = just

option = {
name = "EVTOPTB4038"
trigger = {
trait = just
NOT = {
trait = wroth
add_character_modifier = {
name = the_judger
duration = 180
option = {
name = "EVTOPTC4038"
treasury = 5

Also, what are some other things you'd like to see changed about Sengoku to make it more CK II? Keep in mind I can't do anything fancy like redo the map or add more scenarios. I mostly just want to add more flavor so it has that "dynasty simulator" feel to it that CK II has, where it's more than just "fabricate, invade, conquer, repeat."
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