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Oct 13, 2020
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Couldn't find the relevant LUA at SM modding Github (perhaps I missed it, or is it because DLCs aren't there?) - is there any way to mod rival colonies progression? Especially research. Is it just tied to colony sponsor research, or hardwired into rival colonies script?

Currently, apart from a nearly infinite trading source of polymers for measly concrete or similar, they are almost totally useless. Technology exchange only works for lowest-tier techs and you have to actually actively skip researching these, if you want to trade any techs at all. Since they don't do any research amplification like outsourcing or buildings, you just steamroll over them in research in a few Sols. I'd like to give them much faster research, so there would be some sense of competition at least to make them a bit relevant. But can't find the exact script...
The files on the Haemimont GitHub are long outdated. You should extract and decompile the current version (there is a mod for this called UnpackMars on the Nexus).
Functions related to rival colonies are in the DLC/gagarin.hpk file in your game installation folder.
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