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Jun 26, 2017
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First, let me thank again Zavichij for his excellent mod "Zombee Research" that he made some time ago answering a request of mine to increase research 5x for a more slow game.

But now i am wondering if there is any way to mod the research tiers instead, so the first tiers retain their original research costs but, as the tiers increase the costs increase faster than in the vanilla game. I believe that by increasing gradually the reserach tiers costs the advance of tech would be more gradual and challenging. Since tech costs increase every 2 lines in the tech tree, we have a total of 10 tiers of techs, my idea would be to keep the first tier the same as vanilla, but increase the following tiers from 2x to 10x vanilla costs - according to each tier - so the need for research is increasingly significant on the late game, to add a challenge.

Is there any way to mod my idea? Can anyone point to me how to do it?