Modding ability through the Xbox app

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Jan 11, 2021
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Hey folks,

Trying to find some information out. I made the choice (mistake) of buying BattleTech through the Xbox app and only learned about the modding community afterwards. The issue I have is that the app does not allow for modding as it doesn't seem to be turned on for it. The other issue is that the WindowsApps folder is LOCKED to even those people that have admin access to the PC itself.

I have gone through all the steps, enforcing subfolders to inherit permissions, taking ownership, etc but I cannot create a mod folder in the game's directory. From what Xbox support has said, there is a modding option that can be turned on for the game from the developer's side. Does anyone know if Paradox has looked into this?

Appreciate any/all help on this. The story is fantastic and I have leaned to not buy another game on the xbox app in the future.