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Oct 18, 2016
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Howdy howdy, I just browsed through the thread and couldn't find any definitive answer for this, but is there a list of which races are compatible and able to marry one another somewhere?

I've taken cursory glance at the events folder and though I can find the events that allow marriage and cause marriages to end, I can't find the actual interaction list.

In particular, I've decided to do an interesting run of a centaur that's syncretized the Earth Mother into his Theradras worship and allied with the Horde with his followers, and I want to have a horde marriage to make it interesting. Are centaurs only able to mate/marry with one another?

EDIT: Ah sorry, I just noticed there was an interracial marriage rule that could be changed, but I'd still like to find out what would be considered compatible with what as a future reference. I'm not expecting the squid face old god guys to be able to produce kids with quillboars, but I am a bit curious how you have it set up.
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