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Dec 31, 2010
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Mod: Titles
Mod version: 1.0
Game version: 2.0.1 (Not save game compatible)

Download: View attachment Titles.zip

The mod is created to add more depth to the minor titles in Crusader Kings II without breaking the game balance. All non-essential minor titles (honorary titles) have been removed and replaced with new ones. The titles can be divided by “offices” and “honors”. The office titles add an attribute to the character that receives it and removes an 'opposite' attribute, for example Master of Blade will gain 1 martial and lose 1 stewardship. There are also slightly more complicated requirements for granting and keeping the titles.
The primary focus was on gameplay and balance, historicity was only secondary. Be careful when distributing titles as giving your son Master of Blade will make him better in battles but will make him worse at managing his holdings.

• 23 new titles.
• To grant most titles you must have a 50+ opinion of the person you are granting the title to. And they must have a positive opinion of you to accept it.
• Some titles are exclusive to pagans, some to non pagans and most are available to both.
• Lieges of different ranks can give out different titles.
• To give out a title for an office you must have meet specific attribute requirements. For example to grant a Master of Blade you must have at least 5 martial.
• General opinion of an office holder increases with every title they hold.
• Some ranked title will automatically be promoted in about 2 years after the liege increases rank. For example Standard Bearer to Royal Standard Bearer.
• If the office holder’s opinion of the liege drops below -25 there is a chance that they might resign from the office.
• If the office holder’s opinion of the liege drops below -50 there is a chance they might resign publicly disgracing the liege.
• Office holders gain an attribute and lose an attribute.
• Some office holders will have negative opinions of ‘opposite’ office holders.
• If an title holder loses his title (liege changed) within 21 days of receiving it he will retain the attributes associated with it for a maximum of 21 days from receiving it.
• Icons for all titles.

Minor titles
Standard Bearer: +Diplomacy –Learning Liege: 5+ Diplomacy, Duke, Count
Royal Standard Bearer: +Diplomacy –Learning Liege: 5+ Diplomacy, King
Imperial Standard Bearer: +Diplomacy –Learning Liege: 5+ Diplomacy, Emperor

Master of Blade: +Martial –Stewardship Liege: 5+ Martial
Master of Bow: +Martial –Stewardship Liege: 5+ Martial, Count, King, Emperor
Master of Horse: +Martial –Stewardship Liege: 5+ Martial, King, Emperor
Imperial Engineer: +Martial –Stewardship Liege: 5+ Martial, Emperor

Champion: +Martial –Learning Liege: 5+ Martial, Count, Duke, Pagan
Captain of the Guard: +Martial –Learning Liege: 5+ Martial, Duke, Non-Pagan
Captain of the Royal Guard: +Martial –Learning Liege: 5+ Martial, King
Captain of the Imperial Guard: +Martial –Learning Liege: 5+ Martial, Emperor

Master of Coin: +Stewardship –Intrigue Liege: 5+ Stewardship

Master of Whispers: +Intrigue –Diplomacy Liege: 5+ Intrigue

Royal Scribe: +Learning –Martial Liege: 5+ Learning, King, Emperor
Cleric: +Learning –Martial Liege: 5+ Learning, Non-Pagan
Runemaster: +Learning –Martial Liege: 5+ Learning, Pagan

Venerable Elder: (Requires: age 45+) Liege: Pagan
Jester: Liege: Non-Pagan, King, Emperor
Fool: Liege: Pagan, King, Emperor
Royal Mistress: (Requires: concubine) Liege: Duke, King, Emperor
Fairest Maiden: (Requires: not married)
Court Eunuch: (Requires: eunuch) Liege: King, Emperor
Court Dwarf: (Requires: dwarf) Liege: King, Emperor

Future development
Mainly based on feedback and reception!
Possibly add more cultural or religious diversity.
Possibly add more events.

Feel free to use all, in part or modified versions of this mod in your own mods, but please respect the modding community by giving credits.
If you use this mod in your own mod please state so in this thread so that others that are interested may become aware of it.

Please report bugs and problems.
Let me know if anything doesn't seem intuitive.
Please provide general feedback on the mod (whether you like it or not and why).
Please give suggestions for further development in both titles and events.
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