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It was the same for the Lithuanians.

They weren't the only ones moving in. Curonians and Lithuanians too in respective adjacent regions.

The problem is that... you're right. But territory of Prussia as we know from history is splitted in CK2 - there's duchy of Prussia (territory of modern Mazuria and Sambia with Konigsberg) and Samogitia (Scalovia and Memel, also Yatvyagi). All the time I speak about the first duchy, and as you can maybe see on a screenshot here, it includes such split.

How exactly?
Historically wise there were two occasions when Lithuanians claimed Prussia. 1. During negations with emperor Karl IV in the middle 14th century. 2. By Vytautas who considered Prussia his patrimony and claimed it all except for Czelmno land.

Vytautas was quite ambitious, and I know he claimed Prussia once (probably your 2.), but I didn't hear or read much about it...