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Hi! Is it possible to install SWMH without all these changes and additions applying to religions? Or at least is there a relatively simple way to deactivate those features of the mod?
Thanks in advance.

Just to make sure, you are not referring to EMF or anything else, you are just referring to SWMH itself?

I haven't changed much when it comes to religion. But i don't have any version of SWMH stored without the changes i have made to the province and character religious setup on the map. Separating the Miaphysites into 3, Discarding the Non-Sensical Monothelism in Lebanon in Vanilla and introducing Maronism etc.

The basic setup of SWMH is meant to very different from Vanilla in every way
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Yeah, I meant only SWMH.
Ok, so it seems that all these "new" Christian and Muslim faiths are inseparable from the map... I really like the map introduced by Your mod but wanted to keep the simple-vanilla (although less accurate ofc) division of religions. Thank You for replying.
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