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I am certain this has been asked before, but is there an alternative localization mod somewhere that just gives the familiar English names for the kingdoms, empires, duchies and so forth? I've started just doing it manually, entry-by-entry myself, but if someone's already done that...
I confess that I am waiting for SWMH africal overhaul more eagerly than few new DLC announcement.
I confess to being a bit Eurocentric, and am really keen on seeing German cultures divvied up at some point. Might help reduce the HRE's germanification of everything it touches, too, if its ruling culture keeps switching between Plattdeutsch and Thuringian and Swabian and so forth, or some such.
I've also been delving into The Anglo-Norman dictionary and have been slowly compiling a list of toponyms from the entries there, for my own purposes. Since SWMH uses the culture renaming function a lot, I figured it might be worth sharing what's been dug so far. Anglo-Norman entries on the left side of the hyphen, Modern English equivalents and explanations on the right:

Albeon - Albion

Antioche - Antioch

Arabie - Arabia

Armenie/Ermenie - Armenia

Asie/Asye - Asia, in reference to the little province in Anatolia

Aufrike/Affrike - Africa

Babiloyne - Babylonia

Bitenie - Bithynia

Bretagne/Bretaign/Bretaigne/Bretain/Bretaine/Bretannie/Brutayne - Brittany

Bretagne maiur - Great Britain, also "Grant Bretagne"

Cappadoce - Cappadocia

Carintie - Carinthia

Caucas - Caucasus Mountains

Celice - Cilicia

Caldee - Chaldea? "ai passé par Turkie [...] par Egipte la haute et la basse, par Libie, par Caldee "

Cipre/Cipres - Cyprus

Cisille/Seizille/Sezile/Sicanie(?) - Sicily

Crete - Crete

Damas/Damache/Damasche/Damask/Damasse/Damast - Damascus/Dimashq

Duras - Durrës, Albania

Egipte/Egipthe/Egypte - Egypt

Engleterre/Engleter/Engletere/Engletterre/Engliter/Englitere/Engliterre/Inglande - England

Espaigne/Espayne - Spain

Esparcenie - Sparta

Eufrate - Euphrates River, in modern Iraq

Europe - Europe, duh

Fenise - Phoenicia

Filistiim/Filistin - Philistia/Palestine

Flandres - Flanders

Franconie - Franconia

France/Fraunce/France/Franse/Fraunsse/Fraunc/Fraunche/Frauncze - France

Frige - Phrygia, in Asia Minor

Frise - Frisia, Friesland

Gades - Cadiz

Gaditane - "mer de Gaditane" means "Bay of Cadiz". Looks like it's based off of 'Gaditanus'.

Gales/Galees/Galeys/Galez/Galis/Galleis/Galles/Galois/Gals/Galys/Guales/Gualles/Guallez/Gwales/Waels/Wales/Wals/Galas/Guall/Walays - Wales

Galacie/Gallice - Galicia, referring to Galicia-Volhynia.

Galice - Galicia, referring to the region in Spain.

Gallie/Gallis - Gallia/France

Ganges/Gange - The Ganges River

Gaze - Gaza

Germenie - Germania/Germany

Getuille/Getuillie - Gaetulia, likely referring to the Classical region in what's now Morocco.

Gotelond/Gothland/Gothlande/Gutlande - Jutland, in Denmark.

Gotelond la menur - Gotland in Sweden.

Grant Mere - The Black Sea.

Grece/Griece/Grez/Griecz - Greece

Hellade - Hellas, Greece

Hellesponto/Hellespont - Hellespont

Histerie/Hystrie/Hestrie - Istria, Romania? Referred to as a province in Liv Regions. "Ceste province si ad devers le orient Macedoine, devers le north Hestri"

Holande/Holand/Holant/Holland/Hollande/Hoillaund/Hoylaunde/Holond - Holland

Hongrie - Hungary

Iberia - Iberia, used to refer to both Spain and the Caucasian one.

Idumee - Edom, Ancient kingdom in Transjordan region from Biblical names. Located roughly where the counties of St-Abraham and Shobak are in SWMH.

Inde/Ynde - India

Ippane - Japan(?)

Irlande/Yrlande/Irlaunde/Yrlaunde/Irland/Yrland/Irlaund/Yrlaund/Irelande/Yrelande/Irelaunde/Ireland/Irelaundie/Irlond/Irlonde/Irelond/Irelonde/Hirland/Hirlaund/Hirlande/Hirlaunde/Hyrelaunde/Hyrlonde - Ireland

Itaille/Italie/Itaile/Itayle/Itaylle/Ytaile/Ytaille/Ytalie - Italy

Jerusalem/Jersalem/Jerussalem/Jerusulem/Jherusalem/Jebusalem/Jursalem/Jurusalem - Jerusalem

Lacedemonie - Laconia, in Ancient Greece

Liban/Libans/Libanum/Lyban - Lebanon

Libie/Libye/Libia - Libya

Licaonie - Lycaonia, in Asia Minor

Licie - Lycia, in Asia Minor

Liddie/Liddia - Lydia, in Asia Minor

Lumbardie - Lombardy

Macedoine - Macedonia

Magnesie - Magnesia, in Greece

Magoglande - Jutland, in Denmark

Mede/Media - Ancient region of Persia

Mer de Grece - Ionian Sea

Mesopotamie/Mesapothamie/Mesopotanea - Mesopotamia

Messane - Messina, city in Sicily

Messie - Moesia, in the south side of the Danube in modern Bulgaria

Moravie - Moravia

Mortaigne/Moretaigne/Moretane - Mauritania

Mortaigne Tingitane - Mauritania Tingitana, a Roman province opposite of Spain, centered around modern Tangiers.

Nubie - Nubia

Pamfelie - Pamphylia

Parys - Paris

Recie - Thrace

Rutennea/Rucenie - Ruthenia

Saraguce - Zaragoza

Sidoyne - Sidon

Smirne - Smyrna, city in Asia Minor

Surie - Syria

Thessalonie - Thessaloniki, Salonica, Thessalonica

Turkie - Turkey

Tigre - Tigris River

Tire/Tyre - Tyre/Tyrus

Tygrin - Tigris River(?) "Del flum de Inde desque a Tygrin Est Parchie"

Valone - Vlorë/Valona, Albania

Winlande - Vinland?

Yberie - Iberian Peninsula (SEE 'IBERIA' ABOVE)

Yber - Iber River, Spaine

Best for Normans, of course, but I've been using some of them as Old French names too, lacking any alternatives to work with.
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I am both excited and slightly concerned that it may be difficult to actually click on some of those counties, if there are troops or advisors stationed there. Already I sometimes have trouble just selecting some counties in the Jerusalem area without accidentally selecting a chaplain or retinue.
Honestly it makes a lot more sense to me that it should be in either the native language, or Latin / Greek for Byzantium.

It irks me to have English titles everywhere.
I come at it from a roleplaying perspective, and tend to think of English localizations more appropriate because of that. If I were a Norman duke in 1100 who was looking to establish an alliance with someone in northern France, I might order an envoy to go to the court of li Duc de Bretagne, not the Duke of Haùtt-Bertaèyn. That is, I'd refer to other regions in my own tongue, because I'd be a Norman duke and likely wouldn't understand the Breton tongue or most any other language out there except the Frankish spoken in Paris and maybe a smattering of the peasant's Old English off in England if I could be arsed. Since I don't actually speak Anglo-Norman and sine there's no function to change all names to whatever culture you are at the time, I prefer to use English localizations.
Not everybody wants to play as Norman duke. Some people want to play as breton count or duke or Arab emir or sultan and they have the same right to have their possessions named adequately as have the Normans, Franks or English, don't you think?
Sure, but then if I was a Breton count I'd probably still call Jerusalem Jeruzalem, even if a Levantine sultan ruled over it all, and if I was a Welsh duke I'd refer to the kingdom across the Channel as Ffrainc, not France, and if I was a Bohemian nobleman who was interested in touring the Moselle river, I might put Méty, not Metz, on my itinerary. What language actually respects the use of endonyms for all peoples, places and institutions?
To be fair and to disregard the sarcasm for a moment, I don't think it's possible for CK2 to render Arabic and Cyrillic characters. Best you can do is transliterate, really.
Tomorrow I can post a rudimentary Anglicized version of the localisation files either in [ CODE] tags or just uploaded to mediafire, if you want.
Ofaloaf, let me know what files you are working on and I can get started on others.
I'm on a netbook at the moment so I don't have my partially-Anglified copy of SWMH to double-check, but I think I was mainly going through the de jure and titular titles files in the localisation folder, changing Magyarzag to Hungary and so forth. Haven't changed the Roi de Royaume de France to the King of the Kingdom of France or anything along those lines yet, though.
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Ofaloaf since your inbox is still full,

just wanted to let you know I've finished Nobletitles.txt and FOA and specialtitles.txt, going to do cultures.txt and retinues.txt next;

the real pains will be doing provinces, baronies and counties. Let me know if you start on one of those files.

Also elvain I tried to reply but your inbox is full too.
Oh, didn't know my inbox was full. Terribly sorry, have cleaned it up now. About to send you what I've done up, too. Ignore the cheeky filename in the mediafire link.

I've intentionally shunned tweaking baronies, since that has an impact on game-generated dynastic names. "Abdullah mn al-Quds" would become "Abdullah mn Jerusalem" if all those barony-level name-changes were removed, and I'm not terribly keen on things like that. Likewise, I can still get county-level name changes like when Anatolia changes from Greek to Turkish control. That stuff's cool, repeated in other Paradox games and is a generally-accepted practice amongst the circles I'm familiar with.
ok, so let's move here, what belongs here:
Since you're posting that here, I might as well ask:
Are you planning on making the Indian Ocean navigable? I think it adds more than having to be able to sail through Suez detracts.
Is like seeing Austria not-white x'D
Anycase, the answer is easy: denmark, norway and poland are red, in different tones. If England would be red, there will be 4 countries in the north with near the same color.
One way of solving it: Make Denmark yellow instead ;)
Yellow is a color associated with Denmark. Greyish green is hardly one typically associated with England.
You know, someone had to start the revolution...
and concerning yellow Denmark... pffffff, Have you ever seen any yellow connected with Denmark, except the base colour of their CoA? :p
The CoA is kind of important ;)
Before I give you the IDs, may I ask you, what do you dislike about them? they were desert wastelands, where nobody lived. And what do you plan to put there instead?
I think what he's saying is that he dislikes the oases, not the wastelands themselves ;)
what I want to know is what exactly the people dislike about them, so we could - if possible - change it ;)
The only thing I mind about them is that they kind of stand out like a sore thumb. They clash with the area graphically to some extent.
Same goes for Mali though, those borders are atrocious, far worse than the oases.