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Nov 8, 2019
No need to worry about this, for my part it was just a wish and if it is not possible to implement this (at the moment) let it be. For your part, you have done a lot already, for which I am very grateful to you. In addition, you are right the game is not yet fully released in the finished version. We do not know what the developers will bring to the game, what tools they will add for modding, or some other innovations in the game.


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Apr 25, 2018
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Currently as of game v1.51

Mega Storage 1 = Everything
Mega Storage 2 = Food Only
Mega Storage 3 = Wood Only
Mega Storage 4 = Wood Only
Mega Storage 5 = Everything

All of them only big circle but not full map.

Thank you for the mod, love it

Elijah WInter

Oct 28, 2019
If you do decide to do a rework, could you label each bin as to what can go into it, would make it easier to try and remember which bin does what if they are clearly labelled building materials bin, food bin, etc.
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