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Hello. I'm that one guy on steam that was having issues with the mod. I sent the message: "I have an issue. Starting at the year 784 AUC, the game starts to chug. Like a lot. Like an unplayable amount. I don't know why. I am using Invictus and some other mods, but theyre mainly cosmetic and have worked brilliantly together for the entire game. This just happens every time. I try to go back to an earlier save, but it just won't stop happening. What can I do?" Attached are my game and error logs so you can help me figure this out. Thanks.


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I don't know exactly what you need for my specs, but here's what I could find: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor.
Processor: 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-1165G7 @ 2.80GHz 2.80 GHz
Installed RAM: 16.0 GB (15.8 GB usable)
I use a 2020 HP Laptop.
I don't know exactly what you need for my specs, but here's what I could find: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor.
Processor: 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-1165G7 @ 2.80GHz 2.80 GHz
Installed RAM: 16.0 GB (15.8 GB usable)
I use a 2020 HP Laptop.
Thanks, it's good to know in case it might be an issue with hardware, but this should run fine: what's your GPU (graphics card)? If you upload your save file I can run it with all the same mods to investigate.
My mods aside from your mod and Invictus are:
- Unique Flags/Coat of Arms:
- My Policies:
- Great Wonders Refined:
- Character Expansion:
- A Christian Date mod:
- Music of Antiquity:
- Punic Deity Icons:
- 10 Idea Slots for 4th Tier Governments:

All are on steam workship. I wasn't allowed to post the links because it made the post look like spam and I couldn't submit it. I know it looks like a lot, but most of these mods don't have an effect on gameplay. I've used these through a 300+ year run and it went well until 784.
IDK how to see what my graphics card is, but it can run games like Stellaris and CK3 on high quality with a decent framerate if that helps.
Attached, you will find my save file. BTW the Christian date mod is called "always show Christian/Gregorian Date."


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Alright I'll take a look at this. In the meantime, you could try loading all the mods except this one and let it run in observer mode to see if it slows down at all.
@deedo I'm testing it and it's really sticky through January and February 787, then it runs smoothly. You will probably encounter these slowdowns occasionally, and I've noticed this especially when running Invictus and this mod together while migratory tribes are migrating. This will happen more frequently farther along the timeline, unfortunately. I'd recommend lowering the game speed to 1 and being patient. In this case wait until you get to March 787, then it seems to run fine again.

*Edit: noticed this save file has the same performance slowdown without enabling the timeline extender mod. Have you tried an earlier save without it?
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So I have another question. In the workshop, the mod description says that player can convert to Christianity with a descision unlocked in 854. it's 856 now and I don't see the descision. How can I unlock the descision?
So I have another question. In the workshop, the mod description says that player can convert to Christianity with a descision unlocked in 854. it's 856 now and I don't see the descision. How can I unlock the descision?
Although the decision is triggered around 854 AUC (it's possible from that point on), in order for it to appear to you, there will need to be at least one character in your country who is Christian. Depending on the number of Christian pops in your country, a minor Christian character should appear eventually. You want to try to encourage as much Christian conversion as possible: do not destroy communities/churches (obviously), don't build the temples in your pagan cities, and as soon as you get at least 5% Christians in your population overall, check if you can put a Christian saint in your pantheon, then do that for as many deities as you can. This is largely dependent on where you are on the map. If you are playing in the British Isles, Scandinavia, or India, it can be very challenging to get enough pops to convert; you would likely need to capture a lot of Christian slaves. Avoid any conversion policies.

Also in the meantime until you can actually take the decision, don't kill, imprison or force any Christian character(s) to convert to your state religion. Even after the decision appears, you need at least 20% Christian population or over 50% in your capital.
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v0.9.7 — German localization complete, minor events added, plagues and population decline intensified
Finally finished the German localization! Lots of help from Bing and Google translators, so if any native German speakers spot some grammatical oddities, please let me know.

The pop-ups from some Christianity conversion events that have no option for the player (other than to read and accept) get repetitive over time, so I've moved them to the minor event queue. I've also added some minor events for players who have a certain amount of their population converted to Christianity or Manichaeism. Rather than wait around for the random chance when a character of a new religion will appear, these events add one when the population reaches a certain threshold of converts.


They only add one character and will not add another so long as that character is in your country, even if forced to convert to the state religion (don't do that if trying to take the conversion decision). These events have one option that will take place whether or not a player clicks them in the event queue, so no problem if it's overlooked. The first event for the minor Manichee character will pop up as a normal event. Any others after that will be minor and queued.


The buffs for the Christian relics have been edited: invoking St. Peter will now establish a church in your capital if you don't have one there yet. Invoking him again will give an enhanced "cathedral" modifier in your capital city. For Manichaeism there is also a new historical Manichaean treasure added for the event that adds Mani as a deified character to the pantheon.

Now the plagues and population decline modifiers have been made somewhat more intense. The plagues now add significant unrest, and if you have a large country, you will likely have to deal with a rebellion or two, or three, if you're neglecting provincial loyalty. It was a bit too easy for a player to simply wait things out, and the plagues caused a lot of political unrest for rulers historically, especially the Cyprian Plague during the Crisis of the Third Century in the Roman Empire.

The population decline modifiers now also subtract a few trade routes from your capital, and they decrease your overall population capacity. I noticed that the AI was simply stacking growth boosts in cities and the map tended to become empty settlements with ever-increasing urbanization. Historically, the opposite happened as cities became smaller and the population spread out during late antiquity. If you've got enough population boost it should not be too difficult, unless your capital is in western Europe, then it should be a challenge to keep a large country from dwindling.


The aim for the timeline extender is to try to set up a simple simulation of the large historical background during late antiquity in I:R without railroading the map too much. Some things, such as Zoroastrian Persia and the Germanic foederati (as tribal vassals), are possible, but the AI will very rarely, by random chance, follow the actual historical developments on its own. More on-the-rails timeline events could be attached in submods.

A bit more testing and tweaks and the version number should tick over to 1.0 soon.
Changelog — Simple I:R Timeline Extender version 0.9.7

*German localization complete! Thanks to Google and Bing for the help. :)
*some more corrections to English and French localization

*added created Manichaean treasure: Arzhang, Book of Pictures; to te_manichees.2
-modifier local_nobles_output = 0.15

*added new minor events for creating Christian or Manichaean characters if a player's country has at least 20% Christian or 5% Manichaean pops, respectively
+different description trigger for countries with religion = judaism
-only for players and does not trigger for the AI
-will not trigger again if the newly created character is alive in that country

*edited on_activate effects for some christianity deities
-added temple_renovations modifier to st_nathanael_bartholomew on_activate
+moved free province investment to deified ruler effect
+moved civic_tech addition to deified ruler effect for st_james_zebedee
-added new Embellished Cathedral temporary modifier for capital_scope for st_peter
+moved civic tech addition to deified ruler effect
-edited st_peter stability effect to check for limit < 40, multiply = 2, min = 2 and max = 20
-edited st_mary stability effect to check for limit < 25
-changed st_andrew on_activate effect from add_stability = 10 to add_greater_stability_effect = yes

*moved l6_christian.3–5 events to event queue
-changed to minor_country_event type
-fewer repetitive popups [especially for players with provinces in Syria, Palestine or Lower Egypt regions]
*edited l6_christian.5 to select province using scope:l6_christian_5_target

*switched relic modifiers for treasure_james_zebedee_relics and treasure_blessed_mary_hair
-edited treasure_james_zebedee_relics to local_pop_conversion_speed_modifier = 0.3
*changed treasure_mark_relics modifier from local_population_capacity = 4 to local_citizen_output = 0.15
*doubled treasure_st_joseph_cloak local_monthly_food_modifier from 0.1 to 0.2
*increased treasure_matthew_levi_relics local_tax_modifier from 0.2 to 0.25
*increased treasure_nathanael_bartholomew_relics local_research_points_modifier from 0.1 to 0.15
*increased treasure_andrew_cross modifier local_defensive from 0.2 to 0.25
*increased treasure_paul_epistle modifier local_happiness_for_same_religion_modifier from 0.1 to 0.15

*added negative local civilization value to Antonine (-20) and Cyprian (-30) plague modifiers
-actual civ value drops slowly over time as plague continues in that city
*added local unrest to Antonine (20) and Cyprian (30) plague modifiers

*added negative global_capital_trade_routes to population decline modifiers:
-occident -4
-orient -2
-central -3
*added negative global_population_capacity_modifier values for orient (-0.2), occident (-0.4) and central (-0.3) population decline modifiers

!More testing
!Look for any new create_country issues in game logs
?More germanic tribes migration events — possible submod


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Hi, i'm the guy on Steam that asked you about the problem of "Mismatching pantheon deity" on Mar 23rd, 2022. I have attached two save files, one where i have manually convert to Christianity (Rome - After Conversion to Christianity) and remove/desecrate pretty much all other pantheons (I think there was still one in fertility pantheon being Hellenic in this save file, but i did remove it as well afterward and yet the debuffs persist. I dont have other save files after this moment since it kinda crashed a bit later on, after i won a war against India), while the other one (Eternal Rome) is before that quite a bit, but the debuff already exists since then.

Here's the list of mod in order from top to bottom (The mods are on Steam Workshop, and i just listed them all in case of unexpected things):
1. Ante Bellum Soundtrack
2. AI Empires Collapse
3. Roma Delenda Est - Easier Fall
4. Always show Christian/Gregorian Date
5. 2.0 Better UI
6. Subject Rework
7. Oikoumene - naming cities upon foundation
8. Clear Sky 2.0
9. Berry's Invictus Submod - Beta 0.3
10. Invictus - Utilities
11. Metropolis Sprawl
12. Simple I:R Timeline Extender
13. INR - Invictus
14. Imperator: Invictus
15. Improved Buildings 2.0
16. Invictus - Improved Buildings Compatibility Patch
17. Historical Imperator Pack - Invictus

Also, really love your mod! Keep up the good work!


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"Eternal Rome.rome" looks like it didn't upload properly. "After Conversion" loads, but crashes soon afterwards. There may be a corrupted save file at some earlier point. Looking at your list of mods, it seems out of order, and I'm not sure whether they're all actually compatible with each other. That can cause problems with your game. There is a list of mods with confirmed compatibility with Invictus and the load order they should be in here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2532869087 — but they're not necessarily all compatible at the same time.

This is some kind of stacking malus bug you've found, and I don't see how the timeline extender could be causing it, since this doesn't alter the modifier of a mismatching deity, or the length of time for a deified ruler to be forgotten. If you can track down an unaffected save, and enable/disable various mods until the problem appears, you can try to figure out what mod might be affecting the malus or making it stick to your country.

Also, really love your mod! Keep up the good work!

I looked into the After Conversion save and for some reason you have a lot of deities in your pantheon. Try deleting all except four of those (don't worry about the past deified rulers) as a workaround. Not sure what would be causing the game to not actually remove those deities, but just keep adding more. Attached an example save here, and if you load it the debuff is gone. Open with a text editor and Search for tag="ROM" then pantheon={.


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Words cannot express how grateful i am! Truly, you are amazing. Thank you so much!

Also, a little suggestion for your mod: If possible, maybe you should consider making the plague appears more, like, maybe have some that appear randomly for a period of 5 years with debuffs being half that of the Antonine one. It would really makes things feel more challenging and interesting not just the late game but throughout the campaign.

Just a small suggestion i can offer, and keep up the good work!
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Glad to figure out what the problem is! I'm curious if you can make it to 1229 / 476 with those mods....

Neat idea for the random plagues, thanks for the suggestion, maybe for a submod (or standalone plagues mod).
version 0.9.8 — New (old) flag for Eastern Romans, Manichaean conversions and Invictus map compatibility
Having read about Byzantine insignia and wanting to add a different flag for the Eastern Roman Empire, I decided on a simple cross-quarter design with golden discs, that I found on Wikipedia, and adjusted for in-game use. This is not the Palaiologan tetragrammatic cross from the high medieval era, but based on an older design surviving since at least the 10th century. While this timeline extender ends considerably earlier than that in the late 5th century, there is coinage with similar cross-quarter designs from the Eastern Roman Empire dating from the 6th century.


Version 0.9.8 also adjusts conversions for Manicheans, adding the north_african culture group, as Manichaeism was known historically to have spread among the Egyptians. There is also an event to convert some Latin and Hellenic pops in large countries.

I've worked to fix some Invictus map compatibility issues with the IRCK3 decision to split the Empire (Theodosius division), since there were some pockets in western Europe that would become part of the Eastern Roman Empire, because changes to areas and regions in Invictus were causing the trigger to fail in certain places. Further adjustments will be needed if/when there are more map changes.

And I've tested this mod now for compatibility with both the versions of the Historical Imperator Pack mod, with and without Invictus, and it seems to work fine.

Changelog — Simple I:R Timeline Extender version 0.9.8

*edited ai_constantinople decision to remove potential if capital is already Byzantium

*edited IRCK3 scripted_trigger for is_in_pars_occidentalis_trigger for Invictus map_data compatibility
-using is_in_area = for adjusted areas
*added germania_magna_region and bohemia_region to l6_christian and te_manichees events for Invictus map_data compatibility

*created eastern cross-quarter discs insigne coloured emblem for Eastern Roman Empire
-edited IRCK3_scripted_countries.txt for WRE to always use ce_IRCK3_chi_rho.dds and ERE to always use ce_sirte_crossquarter.dds
-early historical version?

*conversion events te_judaism.3 and te_judaism.4 will now check for NOT = { dominant_province_religion = judaism }
-slower conversion of small countries
*conversion events te_judaism.3, te_judaism.4 and te_judaism.5 will not convert Manichaean pops
*adjusted picture, theme (sound) and English localization for te_judaism.1

*fixed trigger for te_manichees.1 — missing OR in capital_scope
*added culture_group:north_african for te_manichees.11
-will not convert egyptian_pantheon (kemetic) pops
*doubled random pop conversions for te_manichees.15 (latin or hellenic)

*re-arranged is_in_pars_occidentalis_trigger because error log complaining for te_plagues that target province has no associated area [because of Invictus map changes to areas]
-te_plagues.30–35 for late_antiquity_pop_decline modifiers use this original IRCK3 trigger
*added IRCK3 scripted trigger is_in_pars_occidentalis_inv_trigger for Invictus map changes
-duplicate events te_plagues.40–45 for Invictus, checks if any province is in a [fezzan_region] added by Invictus mod
-New IRCK3 duplicate decision with Invictus map compatibility to split empire uses this trigger
*moved dalmatia_orientalis area back to is_in_pars_occidentalis_trigger
*te_plagues events for Late Antiquity Population Decline will no longer add the modifier to the Eastern Roman Empire if the capital moves from Byzantium
-ERE may lose Byzantium in a war
*removed visible truce effect with split WRE/ERE for senior_pars to avoid double truce in diplomacy window

*late_antiquity_pop_decline modifiers now subtract more capital trade routes {-3, -5, -7} for orient, central, and occident modifiers

*doubled modifier for treasure_john_patmos_manuscript to local_hostile_attrition = 2

*increased tech level addition to 40 / 4000 for WRE in IRCK3 decision
-a bit too much disparity with ERE and other civilized nations in combination with population decline

*set left_portrait = current_ruler for l6_christian minor events

!More testing


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