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Download HERE for Restricted Empires v2

Current supported patches

A lot of people don't like the fantasy empires and there have been a lot of requests for a mod to remove them. This does not do that.

What this mod does is increase game challenge and realism by imposing strict restrictions on when you can and cannot create a de jure empire. These restrictions apply both to the player and to the AI and are well-signposted in game, no hidden tooltips here!

The rules:
  • Muslims cannot create most empires, and are limited to Mali, Tartaria, Persia, the Indian empires and Arabia. Arabia is only possible to create if the Muslim ruler is a caliph.
  • Arab Muslims can only create the Arabian empire, and again only if caliph. Non-Muslim Arabs are less limited.
  • Christians cannot create any of the 'western' empires unless the Roman Empire does not exist in any form. The HRE is still formable by decision though.
  • Orthodox Christians are allowed to form Russia if Byzantium or Rome do not exist, the HRE's existence is irrelevant.
  • Pagans, Mazdans and Indians can create empires freely.

Possible changes in the future:
  • Remove wider restrictions on Muslim empires and only prohibit Arab Muslims from creating them.
  • Replace the current creation restrictions for Christians with some sort of global flag based system.

Q: Why restrict the empires at all? It's fun to create them!
A: It's sometimes fun to work towards creating an empire, but not always. They're very powerful and mean that large realms will always stay together, whereas factions and gavelkind can break up realms made of multiple kingdoms.

Q: How is this realistic? Surely a powerful ruler can do what he/she wants?
A: It's not realistic to restrict the player's actions, but in this case it results in a more believable world and gameplay benefits from it. And powerful conquerors can still create custom titles, so you're not totally blocked out.

Q: Why not just remove all the fantasy de-jure empires?
A: Firstly, the game doesn't really work if you get rid of them, the AI expects everything to be part of a de-jure empire. Secondly, leaving them in but making them harder to get leaves the player with more choice and some interesting goals to work towards. Want to create Francia? You can, but before people recognise you as a de-jure empire you must defeat all your rivals and seize the Roman mantle for yourself!

Q: Are there any optional rules?
A: Not yet.

Version History:
v2 (17/10/2016)
- Updated to be compatible with patch 2.6.2
- No changes vs v2b

v2b (29/09/2016)
- Updated to be compatible with the 2.6.2 beta

v1 (06/09/16)
- Initial release
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i like this!
i like this!
Thanks! :)

In the future I aim to combine this mod with Enhanced Succession Laws and some others I haven't released yet to make a wider re-balance mod, which I hope will make the game a bit more realistic and challenging whilst keeping the simplicity and feeling of Vanilla. No new provinces, kingdoms, religions or other massive injections of content.
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