[mod request] Penalty for keeping powerful vassal locked up for long periods of time

[mod request] Penalty for keeping powerful vassal locked up for long periods of time

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Feb 19, 2012
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Currently there's not particular penalty for keep very powerful, (and very antagonistic) vassals locked up for really long periods of time. The value of letting them go can often be pretty limited vs. the headache of dealing with them plotting against your rulers. In fact, keeping them locked up past a ruler's death can make for a much easier transition while the new ruler is still find their footing.

I believe that there should be 'cost' to keep them locked up. I think this could either be Prestige ("They can't keep their vassals in check, what a loser") or in a small tyranny accumulation ("Sure they tried to depose the king, but enough is enough).

I can usually modify existing scripts, but writing a new scripts to detect and handle this is beyond my ability.