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Sep 19, 2018
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As Christmas is approaching, I can't help but coming out with one of my fixed ideas about the game.
Granted, perhaps Devs only reused some Frostling Harpoon Thrower assets when they designed their Mammoth Rider unit, and indeed, back to AoW2, mammoth riders weren't archers. Yet AoW3 introduced new ranged abilities that don't make a unit an archer proper.

So, I've became "depressed" from looking at these riders fully equipped with frost javelins and not using them!

  • Ability:
  1. Throw Javelin is: medium range, x1, 7 Physical / 7 Frost, straight shot, plus a 8 strength Immobilize effect on hit.
  2. Mammoth rider shouldn't being able to immobilize his target as this would make the T1 archer unit quite obsolete (albeit several Harpoon Throwers would still be better at this task for the price), so a new ability should be designed.
  3. The new unit shouldn't be overpowered to still be interesting to field along with other Frostling units, and if a new ability has to be devised, then there's room to change a few parameters:
    • Straight shot (75% line of sight penalty): as Throw Harpoon and Throw Javelin.
    • x1 attack: as Throw Harpoon and Throw Javelin.
    • Does less damage at long range: as Throw Harpoon and Throw Javelin.
    • 6 Physical / 5 Frost: because javelins have clearly icy blades; basically, a 11 Physical javelin with a Frost Weapon effect on it (yet we can't use Frost weapons, as it would apply to the melee attack only, according to the wiki), would deal 7 Physical / 5 Frost, but in order to make this attack even less efficient than the Harpoon Thrower"s, let's be inspired by the SR mod's Throw Spear ability and its 10 Physical damage.
    • NOT (Cannot be used while unit is engaged), making it different from Throw Javelin, Throw Sun Spear, and usual mounted ranged attacks (save Fire Pistol), owing to the fact that the mount can go melee on its own.
    • Cooldown 2 Rounds: unlike Throw abilities, and even Fire Pistol (1 round). SR mod's Throw Spear (Archon Legionary?) has a 2 rounds cooldown. Throw Net has 2 rounds, while Hurl Net, a ranged ability, has 3 rounds.
    • Requires 3 action points: like a Trebuchet, and definitively at the opposite of Throw Sun Spear (0 AP).
  4. The new ability could be named as: Throw Ice Spear; frankly, I could live with Throw Harpoon, but as we don't use the effect of a harpoon special blade, and for a better visibility, perhaps a change is better.

  • Visuals: (by increasing complexity)
    1. No effect as with missing ranged animation for some melee units getting a spit ability in a shrine.
    2. Throw Harpoon missile and hit effect.
    3. Throw Harpoon shooting animation on the rider.


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