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What ?
"No More Wiki Icon" means neither Wikipedia Link nor Icon in the character window.


Why ?
As there is only an option to disable the Link, but not to hide the icon.

There was no internet in a medieval court, remember.
Nothing to do with Wiipedia as such.
I would also hide a Twitter, reddit, Youtube or whatever link.
After five years playing this game i thought it to be rather redundant.....not that i ever used these links in the first place.

Version: 2.0
Timeless (maybe this time....)
Last update :
13th dec 2022 (update for post-3.x patches)

Download options :

On the Steam workshop (outdated and incompatible with

See attachments below.

The first on the left is old and oudated, but should work for pre-patch 3.x game versions.

The second on the right with 2022 in its name is the version for the current patch.
I kept the mod folder packed as a zip and the archive line in the *.mod file, so even when you unpack the attached zip file,
you'll get a mod looking as if you had downloaded it via the Workshop.

Mucho modding admittedly
, but somebody had to do it.


* i might have used a cheat mod while taking the picture. Maybe..:D


  • NoMoreWikiIcon.zip
    40,8 KB · Views: 68
  • 2022_nomorewikiiconMOD.zip
    40,6 KB · Views: 0
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Why why ?

Kills immersion or whatnot with the icon. Nicer without. Mucho beauty this way.
Incredible medieval without internet link.

Mods are optional remember ?
That isn't even remotely close to the truth.

Is it not? Using information from Wikipedia is extremely frowned upon in academia - for obvious reasons.
Added a working version for post. 3.x patch game versions.
So the file with 2022 in its name is the one for current patch 3.3.51.
Thank you!

My pleasure.
Had been driving me crazy before. Seems i had the required idea today how to fix it.
Please tell if somehow it's not working. I sometimes make casual mistakes when creating zip files.