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Oranges, what :rofl:
Thirty pages :laugh:
Didn't even notice.

Smallish update: Some sea provinces don't actually have names now for some reason.
Progress Update:

1) It's not the <ff_family_relations_events> to <furusiyya_events> block
2) Neustria gets a random 17% revolt risk in its capital. Tylis gets 30%, Omsk about that.
Modifiers have gone wild. Diplomatic Disaster is a +20% revolt risk mod, Intrigue Incompetence +10%.
Character modifiers are very crowded. Again​.
Just to let you guys know, ALL effect instances of religion_authority needs to be rewritten or else they will break the files they are used in. Previously it was:
religion_authority = 0.01

Now it is:
			religion_authority = {
				modifier = ruler_converted_from
Numahr will be delighted x)
That's probably why the blot events were boned. Good to know.

Progress Update:
<Generic_Events_1> to <imprisoned_events> is safe.
This is an official thank you note from a lurking player that adores this awsome mod and just wanted to let you know how appreciated all your hard work is. I'm extremely grateful there are people who understand how to do this stuff, and apparently even like doing it! :D

Playing ToG without mods is still ok fun but after a while you start to really, really, really miss the extra flavour, vanilla is fine if you have something to combine it with (say strawberries or the invicible light) but on its own it does get a tad boring ;)
The invincible strawberries?
The strawberry light? :laugh:
Am happy to see that our work is appreciated :happy:

Progress Update:
Fixed the blot events thanks to Novaneko-dono. Testing the block from <interesting_muslims> to <lover_events>
Edit: it's a safe block, moving on
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Critical Progress Update:
I have just noticed that it is far more than one remaining blank event. Stay tuned XP
Testing the <old_age_event> to <rebellionadd_events> block
Critical Progress Update:
I have just noticed that it is far more than one remaining blank event. Stay tuned XP
Testing the <old_age_event> to <rebellionadd_events> block
working hard :D
It's a safe block.
Testing <regency_events> to <sunset_invasion>

Sanity Update
I think I've memorised the Megas Alexandros and Sophocles quotes quite well. So many wonderful quotes and none are more wonderful than this one I'm referencing :confused:

Progress Update:
This is the block. Events here are causing blanks.
Critical Progress Update:
It's the <religious_events> file that's causing the myriad of blanks.
Will test the remaining block, but I believe that's that
Victory Update:

Yeah, tracked it down. <religious_events> indeed!
Jǫfnuðr ok angan ok drykkir fyrir alla!

I'd see if it has something to do with Nekos discoveries.
It hasn't. I commented all the religious authority stuff out and it still goes blank, unlike the Blót events which don't after commenting
on a side note, I'll assume you've deleted these files I noted in my integration list, right?

in any case, good work with cleaning up the faulty events. :D

on that note, do you think we should just remove the norse mod files? or merge them in by removing redundant features but keeping modifiers and events in?
I haven't removed them all, just the events (and not all of them). The rest are in.
As for NM stuff, I think it should be in until parts of it are overwritten by The Old Gods. Blót events could be expanded upon and going on víking should be cut, though.

Celebrarum Dies Renatalis Solis Invicti!
(we shall celebrate the day of the rebirth of the undefeated Sol!)

Base Mod
Interface folder - replace the mod's interface folder with this one
Events folder - replace the mod's events folder with this one

Lux Invicta is now mostly fully compatible with 1.10. It's practically guaranteed to be unstable, not to mention some parts of it look ugly as an ass and a half, but that is what life is :laugh:
What matters is that it works at last!

Known issues:
The cities are huge! Motherfucking huge, too.
Most provinces are fully developed and buildings are broken. Not my part of work ;)
Technology is broken as well.
Certain character modifiers are overkills on revolt risk at the moment.
Character interaction screens are ugly as well. That's life, I guess :laugh:
None of the new The Old Gods features have been implemented.
Casus bellis are somewhat messed up.
Lux Invicta restituatur! (pardon my Latin :rofl: )
Try "Lux Invicta est restitūta" as it's in the perfect and Lux is a girl and is the perfect mod x3