[MOD] Les Trois Tours / The three Towers : an economical and medieval flavour mod

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Introduction post
  • Arko

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    Jul 1, 2009
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    Les Trois Tours / The three Towers


    WHAT IS IT ?

    This mod aims to flesh out some economical mechanics for the game and bringing some more medieval flavour and immersion for players.
    This is achieved through various new gameplay mechanics combined with flavour stuff, more details below.

    THE NAME ?

    The 3 towers are respectively the symbols of power of the main actors in CK2 : the dungeon for nobles, the steeple for clergy, the belfry for burghers.
    Since this mod deals about those holding types and those important actors of medieval age, i found this name a good name. The original name is in French since i didn't really intended to share it here at first.


    Gameplay :
    • Unique trade system with dynamic trade routes
    • Resources and economic system
    • Settlement specializations
    • Building great cathedrals through a unique and flavourful system
    • Natural population growth

    Flavour :
    • forest themed (donation, buy/sell/forest charters, specializations...)
    • economic themed (prosperity, crops, climate related event, tradepost overhaul...)
    • chronicles entries
    • new increase skills ambition event chains (fabrics' sellings, the cadastre, the legendary sword)
    • title renamer (for all titles, even not yours)
    • new artefacts (books you can acquire and study in your library for example)

    Various :
    • new graphics associated with the new features (a lot modifiers icons, event pictures etc. )
    • The mod is fully localized for English and French

    Our page on the official CK2 wiki :

    • Keep up to date with our DevDiaries and previews (see post #3 here for full list)
    • completion of specialisation system (most vanilla buildings will be removed/rethinked/replaced)
    • always more flavour ! the return of bandits, mushroom hunt, new laws, religious minorities...



    The mod is designed to work on both Vanilla map and SWMH map.
    I'd recommend playing with my mod Arkopack Interface which permits to display more modifiers on provinces and holdings because L3T uses more of them than vanilla.


    -Arko design, code and graphics
    -Mouchi design and code + modding tools (Translate helper, Province identifier, Building code generator)
    -Ivan37 texts, help and support
    -Caocao English translations
    Thankings to Strategium forum for feedback, testing and contributions.

    Want to join the team, contribute or beta test ? Just send me a private message^^

    If you want to support my modding projects :
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  • Arko

    Red zone
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    Jul 1, 2009
    • Europa Universalis IV
    • Crusader Kings II: Holy Knight (pre-order)
    • Crusader Kings II
    • Crusader Kings III
    • Deus Vult
    • Cities: Skylines
    • Magicka
    LOGO seal2.png

    DOWNLOAD (click the version LOGO to start downloading)

    RELEASE 1.10 SEAL2 (26th of July 2020) for CK2 v3.3.3

    SAVE-COMPATIBLE with previous version
    Some new features will only show on a freshly started game



    • iqta rulers can hold cities
    • governments that allow holding cities can confiscate freely up to 3 cities (iqta, Roman and Chinese imperial, Confucian bureaucracy)
    • iqta rulers get a bonus to retinue cap
    • introducing Muslim religious holdings specializations (waqf, zaouia)
    • reviewed jizya only affecting Dhimmis, affecting retinues (bonus), and levies (malus)
    • Muslim under iqta no more can hold temples
    • Muslim temple holders are theocracies instead of iqta
    • iqta rulers pay less for retinues reinforcement
    • tribals can't access to centralization laws, but have some of its effects in tribal organization laws
    • some new Muslim event pictures
    • population growth events now mention the name of the holding in their description
    • various localisation changes or improvements
    • "Imperial" government is renamed to "Roman imperial" as it only applies to Restored Roman empire or Byzantine empire
    • "Impérialisme chinois" in French loc is renamed to "Impérial chinois" for consistency sake and more accuracy
    • new options when a Romanesque cathedral burnt (for Prince-bishops and higher, for non Catholics)
    • holding specialization happen faster
    • directly held cities by non-republic bring a reduced amount of income, unless it is in capital county (confusician bureaucracy get confiscate cities but don't get any malus)
    • iqta rulers pay less for retinues reinforcement
    • wrong religion_group and culture_group provinces significantly bring less levies and slower reinforce rate
    • monastic rules are named dynamically (bloats less the building list)
    • AI will try to confiscate cities in the way players can
    • capital bonus is slightly better (more tax and better protection against revolts)
    • Roman imperial government get a bonus to demesne size
    • iqta rulers get some free retinue at start, from their rank, from jizya holdings, from correct culture province (limited to their retinue cap)
    • some new Arabic retinues
    • muslim feudal holding specializations now give a levy malus and a retinue bonus
    • lowered priority for Reconquista CB (lesser than Crusades now)
    • revised feudal opinion for administration laws (bonus for "feudal", malus for "late", further malus for "imperial")
    • revised vassal limit for administration laws (bonus for "feudal", malus for "imperial")
    • administration laws now also influences demesne size (late gives +1, imperial gives +3)
    • decision to start to build a cathedral should no more cause a CTD
    • fixed duplicate naming for fishing ressources
    • fixing all land provinces being wrongly coastal provinces with SWMH
    • fixed the Opus francigenum never happening with "Free" rule if not starting as a catholic character
    • the mod won't try to write chronicles entries for AI
    • fixed "evil events" (smugglers ring etc.) being off
    • remaining building cathedral speed modifiers after cathedral is finished are now cleaned properly
    • prevented that the benefits of finishing a cathedral end up in wrong faith hands

    RELEASE 1.00 SEAL1 (14th of June 2020) for CK2 v3.3.3

    INSTALLATION WILL REQUIRE A FULL DIRECTORY CLEAN-UP (renamed and removed files, event ID re-tag)


    • revamped bandits events (smuggler's ring etc. ) and effects. Additional events involving your marshal
    • new claims mechanics and flavour (mechanics being rule locked behind a new game rule)
    • new way to apply stewardship bonus to taxes, making holdings, buildings, provinces matter much
    • changed some computation on population growth mechanics, among changes, the steward's "research technology" bringing possible bonus here.
    • brand new loading screens based on "Codex Manesse" graphics
    • made "Fortress" specialization more worthy (prison building, new special fortifications, balance)
    • Romanesque cathedrals are now wonders and so showed on map with a 3D model
    • new prison building and according decision to use that new accommodation. A prisoner can't be moved back from there. Various liberation/evasion options are less likely to happen and success
    • proselytize job map highlights now feature a distinct colour for heresies
    • debug event is now reduced to only one event (L3T.1), alternatively turning on/off the debug mod. Mind that beyond special actions and notifications, some MTTH are now affected by this too
    • new steward flavour (delegation)
    • AI with no tribal vassals won't enact tribal related laws
    • tribal laws can only bring gold (with opinion counterpart) to non tribal and never give troops to anyone
    • some renovated and new events pics
    • updated and added some icons (modifiers and target decisions)
    • Muslim school building "Madrasah" gets an additional level
    • cities get a city size marker automated building chain, showing the growth of the holding (3 levels)
    • some buildings cost both gold and prestige (prestige cost is displayed in the buildings' tooltips and triggers)
    • adapting some vanilla buildings to holdings specializations (capped by specialization)
    • new chains of buildings (perception and belfry)
    • new chains of buildings (main power buildings like episcopal palace, seigniorial residence... and their Muslim variations when needed
    • fortification buildings for cities and temples holdings (merely same as castles ones)
    • chancellor's "perform statecraft" job now can protect against claim fabrication
    • spymaster's "scheme" job can help spotting a foreign chancellor fabricating claims on you
    • new option to arrest and banish a chancellor fabricating a claim
    • added support for pre-scripted holding specialization for episcopal cities and monasteries for both vanilla and SWMH map
    • Romanesque cathedral burning may bring in pilgrims
    • addition of a Pilgrim inn/road house you can build in a province with a province relic
    • a province relic in itself don't bring taxes any-more (it didn't differed among religions)
    • addition of a "Mufti" council position for Muslim
    • new horse armours artefacts given as prize in Furusiyyas
    • some event optimisation and file clean-up
    • better event computation, code and files clean-up
    • filling missing texts and better texts
    • improved some English translations
    • realm capitals are now assigned on startup
    • AI may sometimes not attend to tournaments and furusiyyas
    • can't add a new holding slot in a province any-more
    • religious tolerance technology now worsen inter-religion opinion instead of improving it
    • put some limitations on using the extort tribute CB (theocracies can't use it, as well as feudal vs other feudal co-religionists)
    • building costs won't decrease overtime due to technology
    • improve ambition chains ("textile experience" and "the sword") are now more likely to happen (lessen the skill cap)
    • "cadastre" event chains are now more dynamic and triggered only, it is also more rewarding
    • tax laws for feudal and iqta are now capped by centralization levels, tax levels are lowered, levy slider don't bring taxes any-more
    • ask for/ask to lift excommunication actions now require some reasonable amount of prestige and piety to be performed
    • weaken chances a bit for "increase council power" faction
    • dynamic trade routes helps with troops reinforcement and technology spread
    • prosperous industry modifier is more worthy
    • general military: less raids, lower reinforcement speeds, naval attrition, armies are slightly slower, more expensive maintenance
    • the population buildings progression are a bit faster on first levels
    • trade-posts limits are now higher (vanilla has much more pre-built trade-posts than the limits, vastly disadvantaging emerging patrician houses)
    • general income and taxes changes
    • various changes to specialization buildings, tribal holdings
    • tweaked the demesne sizes for various ranks, tribal government type don't bring any-more demesne size bonus
    • you can't revoke a recently given title any-more (cool-down is 100years instead of 12months)
    • improved starting population levels for various areas and eras
    • changed some starting technologies for various areas and eras
    • fixed relic not being consumed properly when starting the cathedral
    • fixed buying relic not always transferring the relic properly
    • non Christian capitals properly get a "Feudal city" (or equivalent) on startup
    • fixed some vanilla bugs
    • fixed my own bugs by the way
    • population bonus from specializations now apply correctly
    • addition of a start bonus for population for starting dates between year 900 and 1000
    • population increase bonus from properirty and being province/realm capital can be be stacked
    • republic IA may forget less to build in tradepost instead of palaces
    • piety and prestige gain from technology are moved from "Majesty" to church and noble customs techs

    • non catholic can no more make a gift fot cathedrals
    • various corrections and improvments for english localisation
    Older changelogs can be found in the mod's files.


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  • Arko

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    Jul 1, 2009
    • Europa Universalis IV
    • Crusader Kings II: Holy Knight (pre-order)
    • Crusader Kings II
    • Crusader Kings III
    • Deus Vult
    • Cities: Skylines
    • Magicka

    Here are listed our DevDiaries [DD] and previews of the mod :
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    Latest DevDiary
  • Arko

    Red zone
    45 Badges
    Jul 1, 2009
    • Europa Universalis IV
    • Crusader Kings II: Holy Knight (pre-order)
    • Crusader Kings II
    • Crusader Kings III
    • Deus Vult
    • Cities: Skylines
    • Magicka
    So today a slightly lighter topic : playing dices !

    The long shot idea is to be able to play a real ingame minigame through a dice party with other character. It however may be difficult to achieve with the engine limitations, but at least I have the barebone of it (the dice game is totally abstracted) and its gameplay impacts.

    One needs to be two to be able to play, so who can I play with ?

    To start a game, you are using the diplo-action menu by right-clicking on the character you want to play with. You can play with any adult vassal or anyone at your location, so if you are out of your court (councillor job, pilgrimage etc. ) you can still defy someone there.
    You'll be able to bet something or play just for the pleasure of it.
    Primary, you'd want to play with your friends and people who like you enough.

    Why dices ?

    It is very popular and universal for both the era and area of the game.


    What does it bring to the game ?

    You could end up with two new traits : Gamester and Fortune.
    You can gain Gamester if you play much, too much maybe ! It is a lifestyle trait.
    Fortune reflects you propensy of being more lucky than usual.
    Before saying more about the trait itself, I have to mention that "luck" is now a new (hidden) value every character gains at game launch or at birth. Playing (and winning) at dice may increase that luck value, it is how you can finally gain that Fortune trait.
    Luck by itself will influence various events from the mod of course. It is not implemented yet, so let me know if there are specific events you'd want to see luck playing a role in !
    The fortune trait in itself have a lesser impact on the character than the gamester one. However, it will bring a changing bonus in the form of a modifier that bring +1 to one skill. That character modifier changes once a year, randomly.

    Right below you can see the icons and effects of the two traits and one example of the luck modifier.

    You can expect a new release late december I guess.

    That's it for today!