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Aug 13, 2015
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Been spelunking in the files for personal-submod reasons, and I think some of the weighting modifiers for the effects when a Lollard or Waldensian attempts to translate the bible are backwards. The negative outcome has modifiers with weight 0.8 that trigger when the character has learning below various thresholds, meaning that whilst a character with learning 9, 10 or 11 has equal likelihood of getting the good or bad outcome, a character with learning below 4 has about a 66% chance of getting the good outcome, a higher chance than any character with learning below the final threshold of 20 (for comparison, a learning stat of 20+ gives a chance of ~68%). Switching lines 1325-1327 with 1328-1339 in emf_heresy_decisions.txt would appear to fix the problem.

ahistorically correct

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Oct 13, 2020
"Prisoner handling - Ransom All, Execute All, and Release All decisions are available for those with overflowing jails" missing for me.

How do I get the decision to show? Is there some lower limit on number of prisoners? I had around twenty and still don't see it. Thanks.

ahistorically correct

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Oct 13, 2020
Finally it occured to me to sieve through the all the relevant EMF source on GitHub and I found that Ransom All, Execute All, etc. was removed from EMF back in 2017. Unfortunately without any mention of it in the changelog or changing of the wiki, where it still prominently features. Geez, thank you guys for several days of confusion, trying to find an advertised but quietly removed feature! ;)

emf_prisoner_decisions.txt on Github: "removing ransom-all/etc. due to 2.7s QoL improvements" - Mar 14, 2017 commit by Zijistark (sorry, can't link yet as it flags as spam with my low post count or whatever)

I had a look at CK2 2.7 patch, and yes, it adds new Prisoner Management tool with filtering, but only as a paid feature for owners of MNM.

Is there any modding policy of not going against paid QoL improvements (quite understandable), or was it removed more by accident because Zijistark and other EMF authors own every DLC already and haven't noticed prisoner management tool (the "2.7 QoL improvement") was in the paid section of patch 2.7 with MNM DLC only? In case of the latter, would you consider adding the basic Ransom All/Execute All/Release All decision back into EMF again?

Now I'll just have to go through all the commits and see if I can mod it back just for myself. The MNM Prisoner Management tool looks great, filtering by all parameters, but I just need a simple Ransom All, nothing else. Clicking through thirty prisoners and waiting months between all the replies is just unworkable.

BTW, just in case to prevent any misunderstandings, I really like EMF, mods like these in HIP and others really make the game much more enjoyable It's just that looking for a feature that should be there according to text and changelogs - but isn't - is really confusing :) Thanks!

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Oct 13, 2020
Just tried a quick test merging just the relevant portions of commits from github (three files, EMF_decisions.gfx, emf_prison_decisions.txt and emf_prisoner.txt) into latest EMF while keeping the later EMF changes of the files. Superficially, it seems to work - I finally see the Ransom All decision and it seems to somewhat work, great! Of course, I have no idea if it breaks anything or how well it works with current version, since the code I copied is from 2017...

Would be great if the devs could chime in, thanks!