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Jan 22, 2013
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Emendatio Historiae Imperatoris


1. Remove any EHI mod folders and .mod files inside Documents\Paradox Interactive\Imperator\mod
2. Clear your gfx cache, by deleting the folder Documents\Paradox Interactive\Imperator\EHI\gfx
3. Extract the downloaded archive
4. Enter in the first folder of the extracted file and transfer its content to Documents\Paradox Interactive\Imperator\mod
5. Launch Imperator
6. Select the mod "Emendatio Historiae Imperatoris" in the Mod tab
7. Play!

- More than 100 new historical countries across the map
- Modified map to represent the ancient coastline
- Two new regions
- Added a new nation formation decision
- Annual consul elections
- Senate appointments of offices in republics, with term limits
- Progressive cultural and religious conversion through events

The aims are more historical accuracy, expanding upon existing vanilla content to give more flavour to the player and eventually work on adding new bookmarks in a modular format, with the core mod being mandatory and bookmarks optional. With this stated, I want to make it clear that the philosophy of this mod will be different from that of the vanilla game, in the sense that more emphasis will be put on plausibility. That will lead the mod to not just simply expand upon vanilla while keeping the spirit, but also to question some choices that have been made in the base game and change them for it to correspond with our vision.

Full list of changes
- Implemented yearly consul elections
- Added a Hibernian tribe : Ivernia (in Ivernia, Ivernia Borealis and Ivernia Australis)
- Added Persis as independent Satrapy of the Seleucid Empire with Bagadates I as ruler
- Added Naukratis and Ptolemais Hermiou as feudatories of Egypt
- Added Hermunduria, Chattia, Chamavia, Bructeria, Sicambria, Suardonia, Harudia and Ambronia in Germania
- Added a decision to form Francia
- Slightly changed the decisions to form Saxonia and Suebia
- Added Aequium, Capua, Catalia, Circeii, Fregellae, Marrucinia, Norba, Pompeii, Tibur and Vestinia as Italic minors
- Added Arretium, Caere, Clusium, Cortona, Faesulae, Faliscia, Luca, Magellia, Perusia, Pisae, Populonia, Rusellae, Saena, Tarquinii, Vetulonia, Volaterrae, Volsinii and Vulci as Etruscan minors
- Added Alpinia, Apuania, Bagiennia, Dectuninia, Iadatinia, Ilvates, Laevia, Lapicinia, Libicia, Maricia, Sabatia, Statiellia, Tigullia, and Vediantia in Liguria
- Added Montunatia, Orumbovia, Vertamocoria and Votodronia in Cisalpine Gaul
- Added Callipolis, Caracenia, Caudinia, Daunia, Elea, Hirpinia, Hydruntum, Luceria, Pentria, Peucetia and Skylletion in Magna Graecia
- Added Eryx, Heraclea Minoa, Himera, Kale Akte, Lipara, Panormus, Segesta, Selinus, Soluntum and Tyndaris in Sicily
- Added Cervinia, Licininia, Subasania, Sumbria, Tarabenia, Titiania and Venacini in Corsica
- Added Aesaronensia, Caralis, Celsitania, Cornus, Corsia, Euthicania, Galillesia, Giddilitania, Lucuidonensia, Neapolis Sardinia, Neapolitania, Nora, Nurrensia, Olbia, Rucensia, Scapitania, Siculensia, Sossinatia, Sulcis, Tharrus and Tibulatia in Sardinia
- Added Ardiaeia, Ceraunia, Daesitiatia, Docletaeia, Glintidionia, Labeataeia, Mezaeia, Melcumania, Narensia, Plaraeia, Sardeatia, Scirtaria and Siculotaeia in Illyria
- Added Biephia, Britolagia, Ciagisia, Cotesia, Crobyzia, Obulensia, Piephigia, Sensia and Serria in Dacia
- Added Celegeria, Colapiania, Cornacates, Osia, Tectosagia, Tolistobogia and Trocmia in Pannonia
- Added Norici, Alaunia, Ambisontia, Ambitravia, Laiancia, Saevatia and Uberaci in Noricum
- Added two new regions, Sardinia et Corsica and Sicilia
- Removed the Magna Graecia region and split its provinces between the regions of Italia and Sicilia
- Added a Sea Connection between Urgat and Meotae
- Added Taurica, Aorsia, Iazgyia and Rhoxolania in Sarmatia
- Changed the map to represent the ancient coastline of the Caspian sea and adjusted the provinces on the coast
- Changed the historical Coat of Arms of Byzantion (Star and Crescent)
- Changed the government of the South Arabians to Plutocratic Monarchies
- Removed the pop assimilation and conversion actions, pops now assimilate and convert naturally over time through events
- Disabled the office appointment for Republics and replaced them with Senate appointements
- Historical Greek characters now have Greek names instead of Latinized ones
- Restricted all office terms in Republics to two years

- Fixed office terms not applying for the pontifex and augur
- Fixed generals and admirals being nominated to offices and not getting the office
- Fixed foreign citizens getting elected for office despite not being eligible

- Fixed the Magna Graecia region being referenced in decisions and events despite no longer existing
- Fixed tech officers being nominated to regular offices and not getting the office

- Initial release

Future plans
For now, there are the following plans, in no particular order:
- Add new offices
- Add and adjust more province boundaries
- Add more historical countries
- Make the fabricate claim option slower, rather than instant
- Add bookmarks for the following dates: Pyrrhic War, First Punic War, Second Punic War, War of Antiochos, Third Punic War, Social War




These are the current participants in the project:
- @Thure
- @Ispil
- @IlikeTrains
- @loup99

Anyone is welcome to join or participate!

- Paradox, for creating Imperator: Rome!


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Known bugs
Known bugs
- Officers on start being removed
- ART missing localisation
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loup99, I figured you'd do a Fall of Rome mod hehe, but I will definitely be following this one.
loup99, I figured you'd do a Fall of Rome mod hehe, but I will definitely be following this one.

I thought so too! But no, now we are working on this one. I hope you like the now setup. There is still a lot comming :) I would love to make some real map changes... we will see :)
loup99, I figured you'd do a Fall of Rome mod hehe, but I will definitely be following this one.
I think, and I know I'm not alone in thinking it, that WtWSMS does a reasonably good job of modelling the Early Middle Ages, and I'm not abandoning that project until a dedicated game for the period is released. So here the intent will not be to change the timeframe, but rather look at how the existing vanilla frame can be made more historical and interesting to play. And I'm fortunate to have three other modders working alongside me in this project. ;)
I would love to make some real map changes... we will see :)
You have already done an excellent job with adding an incredible amount of new historical countries! The existing map changes really make the mod stand out from the base game, but I do look forward to what you can come up with next.
you should just like, really quickly rename the Latin culture group to the Italic culture group since a lot of the cultures in that group aren't Latin but Italic :b

Sounds reasonable! Was on my list on cultural changes too. I have a large list on cultural stuff. this one should be easy done. :)
Great to see you here! The best of luck to you and the team :)

I have one suggestion (which I might one day take forward myself?): bookmarks for, not only the 1st or 2nd punic wars, but the aftermath of the 1st one. The timeframe when a weakened Carthage had to redesign a new imperial strategy, when the Barcid family started expanding the Carthaginian realm in a whole new direction, Iberia. And then preparing for a come back...
Heck! That was fast ... too fast ;) Will be keeping an eye on this and perhaps helping once I figure out how to mod I:R :)

I've done some cartography in the past to properly model a map of ancient Italy. This seems the most accurate for the Po valley. There are a number of small changes, such as deltas on the Tuscan coast. In south Italy the most important thing is that one of the lakes of Gargano is not yet a lake but a bay.

I would recommend that you add a province west of Korinthos for Sikyon. Sikyon was one of the most important cities in the Achaean League and its joining into the league was the moment at which it transitioned from a collection of minor Achaean cities into a local power.