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Diadochi King
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Mar 14, 2012
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Diadochi Kings

Diadochi Kings is a complete overhaul mod for CK2. As the name suggests, it (initially) takes place following the death of Alexander the Great and focuses on the following wars in the Mediterranean. Possible future scenarios include Cyrus the Great, Philip of Macedon, and many more!

Diadochi Kings 0.010 for CKII v3.3.0
Download: https://www.moddb.com/mods/diadochi-kings-for-crusader-kings-2/downloads/diadochi-kings-v0010

List of features:
  • Brand new map that covers the Mediterranean and Near East by shifting south-east from the Vanilla game's map.
  • All new characters, titles, religions, and cultures.
  • New events, decisions, and buildings to bring the ancient world to life.
  • New features that will add unprecedented historical accuracy.
  • rickinator9
  • tsf4
  • Marowa
  • SinStar87
Former team members:
  • Teutonic_Thrash
  • klime
  • JBeagle
  • .Hobbes
  • Vintage Zombie
  • Joelius Caesar
Credits (mods that are partially/fully integrated):
  • EOOQE for New Borders
  • Bloodmerchant for Punic and Tocharian cultures
  • Cybrxkhan for Tocharian culture
  • Korbah for minimap
  • AnaxXiphos for religious icons and allowing us to use APMC
  • olupien and the Pharaohs and Consuls Mod - Portaits assets

Installation instructions:(ignore if using Steam Workshop)
If you already have an earlier version of DK, delete it.
Open up the .zip file and place the contents in <Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod.
If the <mod> folder doesn't exist yet, create it.

  • The CKII Engine doesn't allow negative dates, what's your workaround for this?
    • This mod uses 776 BC as the year 0 as that was (presumably) the year the first Olympic games were hosted.
  • Can I help you make the mod?
    • Of course you can! Send me a PM if you want to help us out.
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Compatibility patch for CKII 2.4.2
- Added Epigoni CB for the descendants of the Diadochi
- Added county conquest CB
- Added invasion CB for Alexandrian invasions.
- Added decisions to enslave people and buy/sell slaves.
- Completed the implementation of Iberia.
- Provinces now have a variable tracking their slave populations.
- Added a gradual version of Alexander's conquest of Persia in history.
- Added the Silk Road and Persian Royal Road as trade routes.
- Added more Sarmatian and Scythian 'dynasties'.
- Added rulers to the Tarim Basin
- Implemented AnaxXiphos' religious icons.
- Chalcidice become de-jure Macedonian when Philip II dies.
- Carthage is now a Merchant Republic.
- Changed Carthaginian vassal setup.
- Changed some Tunesian provinces to berber culture/religion.
- Garamantes now have some more provinces in the Tripolitanian area.
- Made all steppe peoples except the Chorasmians nomadic.
- Chorasmia is now a tributary of Persia instead of a vassal.
- Deleted Epirote culture. What used to be Epirote is Doric now.
- Removed custom nomad mechanics now that Horselords has been released.

Includes compatch for 2.2.1

- Added lots of positions
- Dynamic province localisation for Egypt
- Added Chorasmian and Saka cultures
- Added Achaios, Lysias, Eupolemos, Bagadates, Demodamas of Miletus, Aphrodisias and Patrokles as Seleucid vassals
- Added Sosthenes and Agathocles as lysimachid vassals
- Added rulers for Heracleia Pontika and Amastris after Lysimachos' defeat
- Added Iranian title localisation
- Added a few more Orontids, ruling over Commagene
- Added WIP bathymetry and improved terrain
- Added the Kohen Gadol
- Added Susima, Vitashoka and Ashoka as governors
- Added a WIP King of Asia modifier aimed to represent historically stable states controlling large parts of Asia
- Added all Attalid and Lysimachid dynasty members
- Added provinces in the Tarim Basin
- Added Cultural Liberation and Diadochi CB
- Added 150+ flags
- Added the Pythia of Delphi. Doesn't do that much at the moment
- Added decisions to replace incest so we can script the AI for that
- Added icons for traits
- Added the 29th and 30th dynasties of Egypt. Currently not in title history though
- Added rulers in the Saharan provinces

- Fixed the Cappadocian invasion to account for titles introduced in previous patches
- Fixed a few title histories in Bactria
- Fixed a bug where the barony of Philippi wasn't de jure in Krenides

- Changed menu camera perspective
- Iranians now use Dynasty title names
- Reduced benefits from population modifiers
- Decreased female marriage age to 14
- Most realms now default to Primogeniture since Gavelkind seems broken
- Increased vassal limit and demesne size
- Removed k_cappadocia under Seleucid rule and gave them d_cappadocia instead.
- Moved c_mursa to d_pelso
- Changed greek title localisation a bit
- Removed incapable from Philip III. He will still need a regent though
- Removed claims from 'Reclaim Ano Makedonia' mission since that is handled by cultural liberation
- Buffed Egyptian and nerfed Phoenician buildings
- Patricians can now build trade posts from the start of the game
- Removed health reduction from maimed
- Eumenes no longer gets the 'Recently conquered modifiers'
- Rulers with the Diadochi trait are much more willing to go to war

Includes compatch for Charlemagne

  • Added regnal names for e_syria and e_egypt
  • Added Median, Parthian, Middle Persian and Arian cultures
  • Added steppe, nubian, egyptian and anatolian gfx for BLC
  • Pushed back timeline to 359 BC
  • Added retinues
  • Added Patron deities
  • Expanded the map to include most of Europe
  • Implemented India, Tarim Basin and Mauretania
  • Added many provinces in Anatolia, Greece, Thrace, the Alps, Dacia and Persia
  • Added Missions for Macedonia to be able to easily expand
  • Added Phrygian religion
  • Added a few Greek and roman epithets for historical characters
  • Added the Attalids in Pergamon
  • Added Greek emperor localisation
  • Added Pontic Melting Pot
  • Added many new rivers
  • Added the Atenist heresy
  • Added Jain and Buddhist missionary event chain
  • Added some terrain for the map
  • Added a few Scythian flags
  • Fixed hair colour for old Iranians
  • Fixed Nomad conquered settled provinces not getting supply modifiers
  • Changed opinion modifiers for Diadochi trait
  • Fixed Diadochi King trait appearing too early
  • Readded holy_sites to prevent CTDs
  • Fixed Egypt and Nubia not getting much tech
  • Fixed wrong culture events
  • Tweaked province history events for various provinces
  • Disabled Court Chaplain heresy events
  • Decreased chance of Nomadic tribes popping up
  • Updated Tochdarian name list
  • Split character history files further up into dynasties
  • All characters now use birth="yes" and death="yes" instead of dates
  • Removed unused Mauryan invasion CB
  • Removed vassal mercenary companies as they are represented by retinues
  • Nerfed the Rhodope Greek provinces
  • Decreased Revolt chance
  • Removed Divorce and Assassination option
  • Lowered Levy Maintenance
  • Removed Eumenes for the Cappadocian invasion
  • Removed Ashur cult
  • Removed NBRT+ since it was hideously out of date. Added custom border for now.
  • Raetic culture now uses dynasty title names
  • Changed history to represent Gallic invasion of the Balkans
  • Recolour some landed_titles
  • Removed Pontic influence from the coast
  • Gave all historical characters traits
  • The Mithridatids now control Cius until 302 BC
  • Increased Martial bonus base to 0.75
  • Removed king vassal malus
  • Increased Liege levies
  • Made Philip III really weak
  • Removed Diadochi King from the Argeads
  • Gave k_pontus out earlier to remove short_reign penalty
  • Changed name of Khiva
  • Removed reservoirs

- Fixed a crash occuring between 460 and 471
- Fixed many mistakes in character files
- Fixed a bug where a character was a vassal of '---'
- Fixed a bug where faction would not press their demands
- Fixed some mistakes in Athenian history

- Added Scythian provinces and rulers
- Integrated VIET Buddhist features
- Added some Indian dynasties
- Integrated Alternate Portraits for Mongol children by AnaxXiphos
- Added 'Wrong culture' modifiers
- Added population system

- Fixed some bugs in the Roman election events
- Fixed some rulers starting with Open succession
- Fixed Dacian localisation
- Fixed some typo's in religion localisation

- Romans now also lose claims on c_roma
- Gave many de jure titles and cultures a different color
- Increased the amount of levies buildings give a holding
- Added prestige requirements to succession laws
- Added PB style laws
- Turkish succession is now only available to Sarmatians, Scythians, Nabataeans, Arabians and the cultures in the Celtic, Thracian and Illyrian groups.
- Independence factions now do not care if the liege is in a war with another religion

- Added Arabia
- Integrated Mazdayasna Zarathushtrish 'Cleansing Ritual' and Sacrifice decisions
- Added a few more Armenian rulers
- Replaced 'Proselytise' action with 'Encourage Syncretism' councillor action
- Added some rivers

- 2.0.2 Compatibility
- Fixed some broken pixels which were causing graphical glitches
- Fixed some unlocalised titles
- Fixed the Danube estuary not appearing

- Added provinces to the crimea and changed the political situation there
- Changed religion of provinces 229 and 230 to Zoroastrian
- Negative opinion is now removed when previously fired councilors are rehired.
- Tweaked the eastern Dacian provinces so their border aligns with the nearby river
- Edited some localisation

- Added Bithynian characters
- Added Chakravartin trait, nickname, and enabling decision
- Integrated Mazdayasna Zarathushtrish 'Sedreh Pushi' events
- Added Odrysian characters
- Added Korba's new map

- Added localisation for Slave and Senator traits
- Added missing factions_decisions.txt
- Fixed creation requirements for formable empires

- Changed the date k_bithynia is formed(297 BC)
- Improved counties localisation
- Edited duchies localisation
- Tweaked Factions a bit

- Added an optional BLC module
- Added 3 new bookmarks: Fall of Antigonus, Restoration of Seleucus and End of the Diadochi Wars
- Added war: Macedonian Invasion of Katpatuka
- Added flags for many titles
- Added more Gaul characters
- Added count of Neapolis
- Added more Illyrian characters
- Added more Raetic characters
- Added Persian and Parthian localisation to some duchy titles
- Added another count of Massalia
- Added more Mauryan characters
- Added a Koine Greek culture
- Added Roman Consular elections
- Added family palace buildings
- Added some more baronies to various provinces
- Added more Antipatrid characters
- Added other Macedonian characters
- Added formable empires
- Added capitals to some kingdoms

- Various character fixes
- Various title history fixes
- Various localisation fixes
- Fixed some errors in religions
- Disabled broken heresy events
- Fixed councillors
- Added missing barony localisation
- Fixed the freeze that was caused by clicking on Iberia
- Fixed a few Iranian cultures

- Improved barony localisation
- Disabled recreation Of Heraclea Pontica
- Changed creation requirements for Pontus
- Improved title localisation
- Changed inter-marriage between many religions
- Mesopotamians and Egyptians can now have female priests
- Gave the Greeks polygamy instead of concubines
- Changed the Tocharian culture
- Changed conditions for succession laws
- Changed Macedonian succession to tanistry
- Gave the Macedonians and Epirotes access to Tanistry

- Removed Holy War casus belli
- Removed the siege event that reduces besieging army by 90%
- Disabled looting
- Disabled peace prestige loss
- Disabled culture conversion events
- Disabled conversion decisions
- Disabled inappropriate vanilla events in: adventures_the_old_gods, ambition_events, feudal_life_events, friends_rivals_events

Initial release
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Looking fantastic, can't wait for a working version, goodluck on this.
Good Luck, I hope your map can be very detailed since you're making it have a lot less area to cover!
Actually, the map needs to cover a lot more territory. To do the Macedonians properly you need to extend all the way to India. If you can't be a Greco-Bactrian or an Indo-Greek with a Greco-Buddhist religion, what's the point?
Ohh this will be interesting!
Actually, the map needs to cover a lot more territory. To do the Macedonians properly you need to extend all the way to India. If you can't be a Greco-Bactrian or an Indo-Greek with a Greco-Buddhist religion, what's the point?

This is the eastern side of the map:

My largest concern with going farther than that would be the amount of baronies. I would probably have to make huge provinces with only one barony, as I can barely find any settlements much farther than the Indus river.

Of course, you hadn't really seen the rest of the map, so this post might not be necessary. As far as I know, the map should be able to feature most of the territories of the indo-greeks.

The map extends a little bit into Gaul, so Gallic fans can still play some tribes, but the affairs in the east will be a higher priority. If you want to replay Caesar's conquest of Gaul, you will be disappointed.

Also note that I haven't spent very much time on this area of the map. I only did some terrain here, and even that is a heavy WIP. I'm currently working on Armenia and Georgia(which didn't really exist as a state in this time).
This is brilliant, I was thinking of doing something like this a long time ago but gave up eventually, great that someone with more resilience could go through with it!

Will definately try it when it's done, looking forward to wreak some havoc with Antigonos Monopthalmos.

The map extends a little bit into Gaul, so Gallic fans can still play some tribes, but the affairs in the east will be a higher priority. If you want to replay Caesar's conquest of Gaul, you will be disappointed.

Also note that I haven't spent very much time on this area of the map. I only did some terrain here, and even that is a heavy WIP. I'm currently working on Armenia and Georgia(which didn't really exist as a state in this time).
Don't worry, I understand the focus of the mod. I was just curious :)
Also there is an Armenian kingdom, not sure about Georgia though.