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Dec 28, 2008
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The objective of this mod is to add all the Old World to Europa Universalis Rome. New provinces and countries will be added (and later proper decisions, events, etc), together with cultures, religions, etc. The vanilla map and gameplay is 100% functional, nothing has being taken out, it is only 1/4 of its original size. I hope you enjoy this mod.

I would like to thank:
- lucaluca for his tremendous work and help
- Descartes for all the interest and support he gives to me, some of his flags, and the awesome minimap
- monsterfurby for some very useful files he gently gave me
- manfred1126 for his help and accurate references
- Serbian for awesome flags
- hardradi for all the help
- Lofman for all the help
- Cheexsta for all the help
- MEIOU team for Europa Universalis III for the pictures of new resources I added
- Nukumnehtar for working in this mod
- Comontorios for doing the terrain map that simply didn't exist for this mod
- Wave for letting me use BSFA's files in this mod
- to everybody that posted in the old thread or on this subforum to give support and/or ideas

Feedback, good or bad, is always welcome :D.
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